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Oldenberg produces an Outrageous Bock.

The Oldenberg Brewery in Ft. Mitchell, KY, celebrate this spring with the release of a new bock beer--"Outrageous Bock... The beer with an attitude."

First bottled on February 19, Outrageous Bock has been produced in a limited quantity, a brewer executive noted. Additionally, it will only be sold through J.D. Brew's or the Crown Market Gift Shop in the Oldenberg Complex or throughout Cincinnati at Kroger's, Thriftway, several liquor stores in the tri-state area.

Outrageous Bock has been selected to be featured as one of only 20 beers at the American Institute of Wine and Food at the New York National Show on March 15.

According to the brewer, Oldenberg experienced a 34-percent sales increase in 1992 over the previous year.
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Title Annotation:Oldenberg Brewery's beer
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Mar 1, 1993
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