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Oldelft's fifty candles. Old Delft is no longer synonymous with fine porcelain.

Oldelft's Fifty Candles. Old Delft is No Longer Synonymous with Fine Porcelain

The Dutch firm of Oldelft, which takes its name from the Oude Delft canal in Delft on which its original premises were situated, started life in 1939 as a purely optical and precision engineering firm. Over the years the company, now celebrating its 50th anniversary, has added a number of other technologies to its range of industrial activities.

Oldelft nowadays markets a whole range of products used in medicine, defence and industry, all of which are based on one or several of the following technologies: electronics, optics, precision engineering and computer technology. Thanks to intensive in-house research and development, Oldelft has by its own efforts grown into a far-flung enterprise operating all over the world offering an extremely large variety of products. The company employs over 1 200 people worldwide. Its annual turnover is in the region of Fl.250 millions, of which approximately 15% is devoted to R & D.

Oldelft is a wholly independent company with its Head Office in Delft whose shares are held by its own holding company, Oldelft Group N.V. The group's shares are owned by a large number of institutional and private investors. Its shares have been quoted on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange since 15 June 1989.

Manufacturing Plants and Subsidiaries

Apart from the Head Office Delft is also the site of an Oldelft factory producing mechanical parts. Another plant in Leeuwarden manufactures electronic components and medical appliances. A subsidiary, Delft Elektronische Produkten B. B., which produces image intensifier tubes, is situated in Roden. Production of optical devices is carried out by yet another subsidiary, Franke & Co. Optik GmbH in Giessen, West Germany.

On 1 January 1988 the group was joined by the Belgian Firm OIP Instrubel of Oudenaarde. The latter is mainly engaged in the development and manufacture of holographic optical components as well as the systems in which holographic techniques are applied.

In addition, Oldelft has branches all over the world for sales and customer service.

Oldelft's aim is to seek further opportunities for expansion not only on the strength of its own R & D efforts but through the acquisition of companies operating in the same field, primarily in Western Europe. Close cooperation with firms in the same line of business also forms part of its policy. Owing to its long-standing experience in joint cooperation in the fields of co-production, compensation and material exchanges, Oldelft is accustomed to collaborating on an international level.

Issuing licences for the manufacture of its products in foreign countries also forms part of Oldelft's day-today activities. Licences for the production of image intensifier tubes, laser rangefinders and night vision equipment have been granted to a number of foreign countries all over the world. As there is a growing demand in several countries for local production, Oldelft not only makes licensing arrangements but, at customer request, designs and installs maintenance and assembly workshops in those countries.

Owing to its extensive international expertise and many years of R & D effort Oldelft boasts a staff which is used to operating all over the world and in close cooperation with its customers, whether at home in Delft or on their own local projects abroad. To ensure optimum customer support Oldelft has divided its activities into three distinct fields of operation: medical, defence and industrial. In each of these fields salesmen, product managers, project managers and product specialists keep in close touch, not only with each other but also with the customer.

Range of Products in the Defence Sector

Oldelft offers a wide range of defence products, among which passive night vision systems for every conceivable application. The more noteworthy of these is its flexible LUNOS system (Lightweight Universal Night Observation System). Through the use of rapidly and easily exchangeable lenses of different magnification (x 1, x 4, x 6) and a face mask, it is possible to assemble night-driving goggles and medium to long-range observation binoculars using the LUNOS. Optionally, the LUNOS system also comprises a device to which the above lenses can be fitted so as to make up a handy, portable pocketscope.

Odelft also produces thermal imaging observation and sighting systems based on a 120-element detector for use in main battle tanks such as the Leopard. For smaller armoured vehicles like the YPR-765 IFV in service in the Netherlands, a thermal imaging system based on a 60-element detector is available.

Laser techniques are applied in laser rangefinders for both artillery and light armoured vehicles. For the latter Oldelft offers laser rangefinders integrated in tank sighting and observation systems.

Yet another Oldelft product based on image intensifying technology is its LLLTV (Low Light Level Television) system which enables an image taken by night to be transmitted directly to a TV monitor.

PHOTO : Oldelft's Lightweight Universal Night Observation System includes a comprehensive range of

PHOTO : components and lenses.
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