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Old still rocks.

Absolutely a great article on older but still very viable handguns (Insider, Nov/Dec 2015)! Yes, I too have a Star PD, and it's a great pistol. You need to look up its little brother, the Star SS .380 ACP 9-shot. If you can find one, send it to Raj at Eagle Grips and have him do a lovely coco-bolo pair of grips like he did on mine. I have always had a big soft spot in my ballistic heart for Star pistols. They are well made, and generally shoot really well. One of my older guns which is a delight is my .22-32 Beakert Target .22 LR with a 6" barrel. If I do my part, it will shoot right up there with my K-22 Masterpiece, but is so nice and light in the hand.

Finally, the really old girl in my stable I find just super is my .450 caliber M-83 Royal Irish Constabulary revolver. With 13 grains of FFG back of a somewhat soft cast 200-gr. lead hollow-base round-nose bullet, it will cut cloverleafs at 15-20 yards. As a limited ability pocket revolver (you have to have big pockets!) which only holds five shots and is difficult to reload, it still has a couple of real benefits. First, since perps nowadays are not used to old guns which belch fire and brimstone, it will totally discombobulate anyone on the receiving end. Second, at 3-5 yards you are likely to set fire to the recipient! Makes them easy to identify!

Clete Davis

Elmhurst, IL

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Title Annotation:SPEAK OUT
Author:Davis, Clete
Publication:American Handgunner
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Jan 1, 2016
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