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Old offense.

It seems to me in retrospect I held you as a charioteer maneuvering his reins holds the road flying past his wheels, or as a youth cradling a fawn lured to his moonlit lawn. But I was neigher racing toward a shore in antiquity nor trapping animals to appease an adolsecent's lust. Another ancient hunger drove me to seek you out where you, like I, had come to find more than a reflection in a stream, though as capture no more solid in the end. For, the instant that you glimpse in someone else's features a vision of yourself, familiar but so far back it does not come up before you in a mirror, sight blurs, the injured moment runs, the flesh in your arms turns from watery shimmer to stony stare: and you let go the damp head in your hands as if you had transgressed, had relived an old offense.

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Author:Gregor, Arthur
Publication:The Nation
Date:Mar 23, 1985
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