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Old and new on the recipe-go-round; Mail Cook-in.

Byline: by NORAH LEWIS

RECIPES go round and round to such an extent that they sometimes go back to the people who first passed them on - and seem quite new!

That's what happened to a very popular sandwich spread recipe introduced to the Moss family by a friend before the First World War.

Miss Hilda Moss, of Streetly Lane, Four Oaks, tells the story, with the "Reminder Recipe" she sent along to Cook In.

"This 'Mock Crab' sandwich spread became a family tradition. I copied it out into my diary when I was nine, and helped my mother make it, and my aunt next door made it quite often.

"Since then I have kept making it at in Tervals and written the recipe out for friends.

"The original Introducer had the sandwich spread at our house about 50 years later - and forgot she had had anything to do with it"'

More "Reminder Recipes" next week. Have you one to add to the collection - a family favourite dish that reminds you, every time you make it. of where or from whom you first heard it?

If so, please send it along to Cook In.

Many thanks to all the helpful readers who responded to last week's request from Miss P. Cain of Alcester. for a recipe for Pine apple Cream Tartlets.

Some of these used fresh cream, some a light marshmallow-type topping. We're giving one of each so Miss Cain may take her choice, and other readers, too, may like to try and compare both recipes.

Don't forget, your favourite recipes, cooking ideas and queries are always welcome. Write to me at Cook In, Evening Mail, Colmore Circus, Birmingham B4 SAY,


Mock crab spread

2 slices brawn bread, crumbled.

3 ox finely grated cheese.

2 medium tomatoes. Little grated onion* Salt and pepper. One egg.

SKIN tomatoes in boiling water. Add other ingredients. Mix well and put into fish-paste pots. Sea! by pouring over melted margarine,

Variations: In" wartime, we omitted the eggs and the margarine topping. We also found tinned tomatoes better than fresh, adding more moisture.

The spread is not recommended for storing but keeps in the refrigerator for several days.

B. Moss, Four Oaks.

Pineapple cream farts (1)

Shortcrust pastry.

Tinned pineapple crushed or pieces.

1/4 pint double cream.

6 ox icing sugar

Cherries, angelica, etc, fro decorate.

Line deep patty tins with the pastry and bake blind. Half fill these with the pineapple, well drained.

Whip the cream until stiff and cover the pineapple. Make glace icing, colouring it yellow. Flood the tops of the tarts with the icing and decorate with cherries or angelica. This quantity makes about nine deep tarts. Delicious - arid 1 learned the recipe at a local evening class,

C Moore, Acocks Green Birmingham

Pineapple cream tarts (2)

4 ox flour.

1 ox marg and 1 ox lard.

1 egg yolk.

1/2 small tin pineapple or 1/2 small fresh pineapple. Filling: 2 egg whites

beaten, 1 or butter or margarine, 1 ox icing sugar.

Icing: 2 oxs icing sugar, a little pineapple juice.

MAKK pastry using one of the egg yolks and a litle water. Line tartlet tins, prick all over and bake - allow to cool.

For the filling: cream fat to icing sugar. Add egg whites slowly and beat well. Add chopped pineapple and (ill cases.

Icing: mix a little of the juice to the icing sugar to a smooth consistency that will coat the back of a spoon then spread the icing over the top of the tarts.

Mrs. Handford, Sulihull.
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