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Old World Sausage Recipes.

Old World Sausage Recipes

This beautifully printed loose-leaf ring bound book contains around forty recipes with full details given and all the finished products shown in full colour. There is a section on bratwursts, and others on cooked sausages, semi dry sausages, specialities and a section entitled Profit with meat. The actual recipes detailed are Bratwurst Thuringian style, Bratwurst Munich style, Bratwurst Nuremberg style, French style bratwurst, Basic meat mix 1, Wieners/frankfurters, Knockwurst with herbs, Grillsausage, Jagdwurst with herbs, Pepperlyoner, Spiced cold cuts, All-beef bologna, All-beef jagdwurst, Meat loaf, Pizza loaf, Basic meat mix 2, Cabanossi, Alpine smoked sausage, Tyrolian ham sausage, Smoked polish sausage, Debrecziner, Spicy Hungarian sausage, German cold cut in aspic, Napoli cold cut in aspic, French pate, Ragouts/stir fry's, Greek specialities, Steaks and roasts, Preseasoned steaks and marinated grill cuts, and Kebab specialities.

Not unnaturally, the text aims to encourage the use of Raps many products but aside from that it gives a broad insight into some interesting looking sausage items. The book is also full of helpful hints on machining and the techniques of production. One of the secrets of this recipe book is that considerable detail is given and the colour printing really demonstrates what should be achieved.
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Author:Binsted, Howard
Publication:Food Trade Review
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Date:Dec 1, 1989
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