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Old Milwaukee enters non-alcohol category.

Old Milwaukee enters non-alcohol category

The growing non-alcoholic beer category is gaining a new addition with the introduction of Old Milwaukee NA, a line extension of Stroh Brewery Co.'s Old Milwaukee.

The new brand is scheduled to be rolled out in 23 states beginning in June. According to the company, Stroh will become the first national brewer to use a unique technical development that separates the alcohol from the product while leaving the full-bodies beer taste intact.

Old Milwaukee NA is fully brewed, fermented and aged as Old Milwaukee beer. The alcohol is then removed using "Alfa-Laval Centritherm," a unique process developed in Sweden that separates the alcohol from the beer causing minimal disturbance to the beer flavor. Other brewers, Stroh claimed, attempt to remove alcohol in a similar fashion, however, those systems require higher temperatures and additional processing time.

The Stroh system introduces the beer into a rotating evaporator system and centrifugal force spreads the liquid into a thin film over the heating surface. The alcohol evaporates and the now non-alcoholic liquid is quickly cooled. This method does rely on evaporation; however, because the heat contact time is instantaneous, product characteristics are not altered.

"Old Milwaukee NA starts out as the consumer's favorite Old Milwaukee brand and after the alcohol separation process, this product still contains the same integrity and great taste as its sister brand," said Joe Hertrich, Stroh director of brewing. "This process provides an end-product that most closely resembles the same beer flavor you've come to know and love, but without the alcohol. The distinct characteristics of beer are left intact along with the high quality of Old Milwaukee's reputation."

Hertrich added that over 80 percent who sampled a variety of non-alcoholic beers preferred Old Milwaukee NA and said it tasted the most like regular beer.

"We are very pleased to offer a non-alcoholic malt beverage that can truly compete with regular beers in taste," said Victor Dzenowagis, Stroh new products director. "We were not satisfied with the traditional methods of producing non-alcoholic brands and have been searching for a better method to separate the alcohol from the beer so that the full flavor of beer remained. We feel we have found the right formula for Old Milwaukee NA and we expect it will do well for us in the NA category."
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Title Annotation:Old Milwaukee non-alcoholic beer
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Apr 29, 1991
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