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Old Milwaukee NA moves into Kansas.

Old Milwaukee NA moves into Kansas

The growing non-alcoholic beer category, which saw the initial distribution of Old Milwaukee NA in 28 states earlier this summer, continued to expand as The Stroh Brewery Co. introduced the brand in Kansas, Missouri and Louisiana.

"Our product has been experiencing tremendous growth within its introductory states this summer," said Victor Dzenowagis, Stroh brand director of new products. "It's catching on as people spread the word about its full-flavored beer taste."

Old Milwaukee NA utilizes the Alfa-Laval Cenritherm process, which separates the alcohol from the product while leaving the full-bodied beer taste intact, according to Dzenowagis.

"After a long search for a method of removing the alcohol without removing the authentic taste, we finally feel we have found the ideal formula," Dzenowagis noted. "We're pleased with Old Milwaukee NA's popular acceptance within the NA category since its introduction."
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Title Annotation:Stroh Brewery Co. introduces non-alcoholic beer in Kansas City, Missouri
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Oct 7, 1991
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