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Old Columbia opens second brewery; now offers amber in kegs.

Old Columbia opens second brewery; now offers amber in kegs

Karl Strauss' Old Columbia Brewery & Grill announced the release of Karl Strauss Amber in kegs to local restaurants and bars around San Diego.

The announcement coincides with the opening of Old Columbia's new brewery, located in San Diego's Midway Industrial District. Unlike the original brewery, the new facility has no restaurant and is not open to the public. As such, it represents San Diego's first new brewery built solely to produce kegged beer since Balboa Brewing Co. opened in 1933.

"When we opened up downtown in February 1989, ours was the first new brewery of any type to open in the city of San Diego in more than 50 years," said Chris Cramer, president, Associated Microbreweries. "Uncle Karl re-established the art of brewing here in San Diego, and the first beer he brewed was his Karl Strauss Amber Lager. Consequently, we are going to market Karl Strauss Amber Lager as |San Diego's Original Local Beer'."

Beginning immediately, the amber will be distributed in kegs directly from the brewery to local establishments, including the Pan Pacific Hotel, The Rusty Pelican and the San Diego Country Club.
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Title Annotation:Associated Microbreweries Inc.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Nov 25, 1991
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