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Oklahoma University Horn Ensemble in Vienna.

The Oklahoma University Hornsemble was invited to Austria last May to help celebrate the 135 th anniversary of the Wiener Waldhorn Verein by sharing a program and performing on our own at a concert in Ohlsdorf, Austria, near Salzburg. I had championed newer works from their library, and they were intrigued by our performance videos.

The School of Music and other organizations provided half of the funds needed, and we were able to raise the rest with various sales and a crowdsourcing campaign. Students also paid a share.

We landed in Vienna, walked around the city center, and observed a Vienna Philharmonic rehearsal, arranged by Thomas Jobstl. WWV Archivist Therese Weisning, daughter of Roland Horvath, accompanied us to Ohlsdorf. A sextet of OU hornists took part in one of the WWV pieces, performing antiphonally from the balcony. The OU Hornsemble then performed works by Gloreaux, Toombs, and Menken, and a Sound of Music Medley arranged and conducted by OU junior Avery Rich. The audience was enthusiastic!

The next day we traveled to Eisenstadt, where we toured the Esterhazy Palace and the Haydn Mausoleum, which had a stunning effect on the students. Our concert at the Haydn Conservatory featured short solos by ensemble members, the works from the previous concert, and Alan Civil's arrangement of Beethoven's Egmont Overture.

The experience was an opportunity of a lifetime, resulting in good will between the organizations. We are thankful to the many people who made it possible. If you would like to learn more, contact me at

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Date:Oct 1, 2018
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