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Oklahoma Sentences Longer Than U.S. Average.

For crimes ranging from rape to drug possession, the average prison sentences in Oklahoma are longer than the U.S. average, an Oklahoma Senate staff study confirmed last month.

According to the study, the national average prison sentence for a rape conviction is 13.2 years, however, in Oklahoma, the average sentence is 22.9 years. The national average sentence for robbery is 9.7 years, compared to 21.5 years in Oklahoma. For aggravated assault, the U.S. average is 6.6 years and the Oklahoma average is 12.2 years. The national average for burglary is 5.8 years, whereas the Oklahoma average is 14.2 years. The U.S. average sentence for drug possession is 4.2 years, compared to 7.4 years for Oklahoma. The national average sentence for drug trafficking is 5.5 years and the average for Oklahoma is 16.4 years.

Source: The Oklahoman Online.
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Author:Harry, Jennifer L.
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Date:May 1, 2001
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