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Oklahoma Nurses Association 2014 legislative agenda and priorities.

Oklahoma Nurses Association (ONA) is the professional association representing the state's registered nurses ONA is involved in the shaping of public policy about health care which is consonant with the goals of nurses, nursing and public health ONA is committed to ensuring that the registered nurse is an essential provider in all practice settings and advocates for access to quality health care services for all individuals.

Therefore, ONA will support legislation and health care policy which:

* Facilitates the development of a system of health care delivery that emphasizes prevention, health promotion and appropriate monitoring of quality and user satisfaction

* Supports a basic core of essential health care services that are accessible to all citizens of Oklahoma

* Incorporates nurses at all levels of policy-making and decision making regarding the health care system

* Assures funding to meet health care needs including recognition and remuneration for services rendered by nurses

* Assures the delivery of health care by duly qualified providers as a means to protect the consumer

* Recognizes the Oklahoma Board of Nursing as the sole regulatory authority for professional nursing practice, including adequate resources for the agency

* Promotes funding for professional nursing education and research at both the basic and advanced levels

Legislative Priorities

* Governance--Preserving the Board of Nursing's oversight and regulation of nursing practice

** Nursing is the largest group of healthcare providers; LPN, RN and APRN, each one with its own unique scope of practice, is already a consolidated Board Ensuring professional nursing oversight of this board provides for the critical health and safety of the public. This self-sustaining, non-appropriated Board contributes revenue to the state general fund while providing for efficient, focused regulation of the nursing profession.

* Scope of Practice

** Access to efficient, competent health care is supported when licensed Nursing professionals practice to the full extent of their scope of practice. Protection of the Nurses' Scope of Practice ensures the health and safety of every Oklahoman.

* Funding

** Ensure adequate funding for health promotion, disease prevention and health care related services so that Oklahomans will be healthy productive citizens. Shortfalls in health and behavioral services will lead to fragmented care causing severe consequences for individuals, families, and communities, placing even stable communities at potential risk

* Public Health--Improving Oklahoma' Health Status

** Improving Oklahoma's health status will improve the physical, emotional, and economical well being of the individual, the family, and the community.

* Education

** Support only those educational proposals that do not put the emotional and physical well being of school children at risk.

** Nursing education is an important and critical component in the development of Oklahoma's nursing workforce, but also in ensuring lifelong learning and continued competency for all nurses in Oklahoma.
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Date:Mar 1, 2014
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