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Oklahoma City nurse perfects work, college and family juggling act: Mercy Health Center co-worker makes multi-tasking look easy.

Oklahoma City -- Imagine balancing five kids, a managerial position and graduate school all at once That's Kelli Dutton's life and she's pulling it off without breaking much of a sweat.


After 10 years of service, Duttona heart and vascular services manager for Mercy Clinic Stroke Prevention in Oklahoma City--is back to books, pursing a master's degree as a clinical nurse specialist Online course work and a flexible employer make it possible

"Managing it all has been surprisingly easy," Dutton said. "The work I do at the stroke center translates to the academic side. Continuing education is a win-win It allows Mercy to offer more services to our patients. It's exciting."

Dutton received a $10,000 scholarship through Mercy--available to nurses gaining additional education--but the award wasn't what motivated her college decision.

"I went back to school to help my patients," Dutton said. "It's great to know I can actually make a difference in a patient's life."
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Publication:Oklahoma Nurse
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Date:Sep 1, 2011
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