Printer Friendly Poll Reveals Kinkiest, Loneliest, Most Religious States in America.

Popular Online Dating Site Surveys More Than 700,000 Members;

Ranks Dating Profile of Each State

NEW YORK --, America's largest free online dating site, analyzed over 700,000 users' answers to over 200,000,000 questions to determine how states ranked in dating categories including kinkiness, loneliness, independence and religious piety. The rankings, available today, offer a peek at the dating "personality" of each state.

The poll found that the loneliest women live in Minnesota while the loneliest men live in Kentucky, unfortunately more than 900 miles away from one another. Interestingly, Massachusetts is home to the most independent men and women, making it a miracle any marriages happen in The Bay State. New Hampshire, whose state motto is "Live Free or Die," did not break the top 10 in the independence category.

The most religious people, according to the poll, live in Mississippi while the least religious (and most independent) people live in Massachusetts. On the other end of the spectrum, the kinkiest women live in New York, while the kinkiest men live in Florida.

Launched in 2004, is the largest free online dating site in the United States with more than 1.5 million monthly unique users and 500,000 active daters. Unlike other dating sites that force users to answer stale, pre-drafted compatibility questions, lets its members determine the questions that matter most to them. To date, members have suggested more than 10,000 compatibility questions that cover topics from religion to politics and smoking to pop culture. applies a mathematical algorithm to every question answered - 200 million and counting - to determine a compatibility score for potential couples. Users can answer as few or as many matching questions as they like; the more questions they answer, the better their matches.

To receive the full poll including individual state results, or to speak with Founder and CEO Sam Yagan, please contact

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OkCupid is the largest free online dating site in the United States. OkCupid's 500,000 active users have answered over 200 million questions on what matters most to them in relationships. Unlike any other personals site, OkCupid uses this information and advanced mathematical algorithms to match users together. For additional information or to join OkCupid, please visit
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Date:Apr 2, 2007
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