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Ok, here's your JSLIST PM list for taking care of me.

The TM for JSLIST is TM 10-8415-220-10. If you haven't gotten a copy for every Soldier in your unit, do so. The TM gives you help for training and gives your unit a source for information. Also check out TC 3-11-55, JSLIST, which gives more info on taking care of and using the suits. Your pubs clerk can order both publications for you. It's also a good idea to get EM 0045, the CD that contains most of the NBC TMs, including TM 10-8415-220-10.

Make sure you have copies of TM 10-8415-220-10

Washing and Wearing

It is very important to keep track of how long you've worn the JSLIST suit, how long it's been out of the bag, and how many times you've washed it. The limit for wearing the suit is 45 days total and the limit for washing it is 6 times. Once the suit is taken out of its bag, it's good for 120 days max. After any of these limits have been reached, it's good only for training. Stencil those suits FOR TRAINING ONLY.

The best way to keep track of washings is to use a laundry marker or indelible pen to mark on the JSLIST care label each time you wash it. The label even has boxes for keeping track of washings.

* Make sure all slide and hook-and-pile fasteners are secured to prevent rips during laundering

* Use a mild detergent


*Tumble dry on GENTLE or hang it up on a plastic hangar and let it air dry

* Do NOT use bleach or fabric softener

*Never dry clean, steam press, or try to remove stains on JSLIST

* See FM 414 for more Washing info

No Sunbathing

Don't leave the JSLIST sealed packs in direct sun. The heat can cause the pack to lose its vacuum. JSLIST in puffy or soft bags is still OK to use as long as the bag isn't torn (even though the TM says the opposite). But once the pack loses its vacuum, it becomes bulkier and harder to store in your backpack.
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Date:Mar 1, 2004
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