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Oil trace alert.

OIL seed rape growers are warned to ensure that all crops being moved off farm this season comply with the latest GM traceability regulations.

The NFU claims that some loads have moved with incorrect paperwork, and that growers who ignore the new rules run a serious risk of their loads being rejected by mills.

Since April, European GM Food and Feed traceability regulations state that it is a legal requirement for all food and feed containing 0. 9% fully approved GM material to be labelled as such.

Grain passports now have to contain a declaration stating that the load is not subject to the GM labelling requirements.

Under the regulations, it is the grower's responsibility to ensure that they are using up to date copies of the passport to avoid creating problems further down the line.

``If rape seed arrives at mills without the correct declarations it runs the risk of being rejected, '' the NFU cautioned.

Although at present there are no fully approved GM oilseed rape varieties in Europe, producers using both farm saved and certified seed need to ensure the integrity of every load leaving the farm.
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Aug 5, 2004
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