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Oh no, Mr. Bill.

Why is it in vogue to attack Microsoft? And what is wrong with the BSA settling a matter involving software piracy on the condition that the pirates use only Microsoft products? If they were good enough to steal, they must be good enough to pay for. It's time to stop bashing Microsoft and start thanking Mr. Gates et al. for marketing one of the greatest ideas since the wheel.


Brooklyn, N.Y.

I READ WITH interest your articles on Microsoft. One point that you failed to touch on was prison labor. Not everybody who toils for Microsoft can hope to become a millionaire. Many of its products have been packaged and shrink-wrapped by prisoners at the Twin Rivers Corrections Center in Washington state. No wonder Microsoft is thriving. Captive labor makes for some good profits.


California State Prison-Solano

Vacaville, Calif.

REGARDING YOUR CHOICE, in your package of articles on Microsoft, to use quirky, Wired-style graphics, a "faux ad" look, and the retro green info band: The voice of your arguments comes from too deep in the brambles of irony to be of use to people who want to empower themselves. If you want something to look "cool," at least make it legible; if you want it to sound "cool," use the heartfelt, clear-minded, and compassionate journalism that Mother Jones was founded on.


Florence, Mass.

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Title Annotation:BackTalk
Author:Iannacone, Randolph Frank; Richards, David; Richardson, Michael
Publication:Mother Jones
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Mar 1, 1998
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