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Oh deer! Maze.

Help this deer get to his wintering site safely. Much wildlife habitat has been destroyed because of urban sprawl, so watch out for roadways and busy residential areas along the way. There are safe areas to stop for food, water and rest. Good Luck!


Watch out for the cars! We can't cross this very busy freeway.

This wetland was filled in to build a shopping centre.

We can stop for food in this forest.

This water is not safe to drink. Fertilizers and pesticides from a nearby golf course wash into this river.

Factories have been built over this field. It is no longer safe to walk through it.

This wetland has been cleaned up by an EcoKids club! It's safe to stop for a drink here.


You have made it to the green belt where this deer will spend his winter.

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Publication:Kidsworld Magazine
Date:Mar 22, 2012
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