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Oh consistency, thou art a Hewel!

I frequently marvel at the glaring lack of consistency put forth by liberals when they endeavor to make an argument for one of their viewpoints. Equally marvelous is the fact that they apparently do not even notice their inconsistency. Every time I notice this, I am reminded of the old phrase (of unknown origin, as far as I can tell), "Oh consistency, thou art a jewel!" Perhaps liberals have either never heard the phrase, or maybe they choose to ignore it. Let's look at a few examples of liberal inconsistency.

Here's one: revisionist history attempting to besmirch the Founding Fathers and what they stood for by pointing out that, by the way, they owned slaves. This is an argument I've heard used by liberals, possibly as a circuitous attempt to make me question my "conservative" worldview. After all, their argument goes, only really nasty and ignorant people would own slaves, so the Founders were not so great after all, and not worthy of our emulation. According to some liberals, the founding era was a dark time of repression and slavery, not freedom, so we should not be so quick to espouse the virtues of men such as George Washington. This appears to be an indirect way of saying that we should not place much value on what the Founders wrote, since they were a bunch of racist, slave-owning, woman-hating jerks. We live in a much more "enlightened" era now, where everyone (almost, if it weren't for ignorant conservatives) has "equal rights."


An interesting argument indeed. First, this does not present anyone with any "new" knowledge. I remember learning about the fact that Washington and others in the founding era owned slaves when I was around 10 years old. No one is saying they didn't own slaves, but I suppose our liberal friends are just trying to remind us. Many of the people who are so thoughtfully bringing these facts to our attention, I imagine, would consider themselves socialists or Marxists to some degree. Interesting. Hitler was the leader of the National Socialist party in Germany. Need I say more? I think I will: Marxist ideologies were responsible for the unbelievable repression, destitution, and outright murder of tens of millions of people in the 20th century alone, and continue to oppress people today. So maybe we shouldn't give any heed to socialist or Marxist ideologies because leaders who espoused those principles were creeps.

But wait, there's more! If the Founders were so bad because they were part of "the system" of slavery, are we any better? We, as an "enlightened" liberal society, permit the killing of unborn, or sometimes even newborn, babies. What type of twisted logic condemns all of a man's viewpoints because he owns slaves but will cheerfully permit the slaughter of unborn humans as a societal norm? Liberal inconsistency at its finest, folks.

How about this one: Liberals constantly talk about the virtues of "equality" and push for a more egalitarian society, where everyone is the same as everyone else. Yet surprisingly (or maybe not), liberals are constantly dividing people up into an increasing number of "social classes" or "groups." There are not just blacks, whites, Asians, and Native Americans anymore; now there are poor, rich, middle-class, straights, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders, asexuals, and I'm sure I've missed seven or eight others. And of course, they're all competing for their own "rights" that are being infringed upon by the other groups. But if everyone is really equal, why divide them up into so many groups?

Here's another one: Many liberal "greens" and "enviros" are vehemently opposed to genetically modified organisms (GM0s) in our food supply for health, environmental, and social justice reasons. They claim that the "scientific consensus" supporting GMOs is a result of lies, deception, crony capitalism, and government corruption. Personally, I happen to agree with them on this. But not so fast! Liberals will, by some crazy twist of logic, fully embrace the "consensus science" of man-made climate change, completely ignoring the lies, deception, crony capitalism, and government corruption involved in this issue. There goes consistency right out the window.

Or how about the fact that a growing number of white liberals (and surprisingly some self-professed Christians) in America believe that the Jews in Israel are an "occupying force" guilty of apartheid against the Palestinian people, whose land the Jews "stole." Some liberals have even suggested that the Jews should leave that land and "go back to Europe" where they came from. Well then, to be fair to everyone (and consistent), perhaps the whites in this country (we'll start with hypersensitive liberals) should "go back to Europe" where they came from and leave North America to the Native Americans.

Considering the fact that liberals in this country are supposedly more educated than conservatives, it amazes me that I frequently hear these types of arguments in my conversations with liberals. One could almost get the impression that they're not really using logic, just emotions.

Oh consistency, thou art indeed a jewel!
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Title Annotation:THE LAST WORD
Author:Larabell, John
Publication:The New American
Date:Dec 23, 2013
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