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Oh baby, soap's hit with new scandal; EXCLUSIVE.


FAIR City is about to be rocked by a baby boom that will be very bad news for loverboy Keith.

The lothario garage mechanic has split from hairdresser Una in an effort to win the heart of Niamh, played by Clelia Murphy.

But just as he thinks the path of true love is going smoothly for once, Una tells Ray that she's expecting a baby - and Keith is the dad.

An insider said: "At the minute Keith and Niamh have a real love-hate relationship.

"And things are going to be looking up for the mechanic this week as a possible argument gets solved in the bedroom.

"Keith and Niamh try to agree a truce and end up sleeping with each other.

"But Ray meets an exhausted Una on the street and offers her a lift home.

"She gets upset when he starts talking about Keith and tearfully tells Ray that she's expecting his baby."

Ray tells his workmate the news that he is about to become a dad - and it is met with total shock.

The insider continued: "Keith goes to talk to Niamh but he's worried their romance won't be able to cope with this.

"It's a bit of a mess - he's really upset about the possibility of losing Niamh that he is mean to Una when they meet to talk about the baby.

"He even asks her if she is sure he is the dad.

"And Niamh is less than impressed about everything - Keith thought he had finally won her over now their new relationship hangs in the balance."

The dramatic scenes unfold in Fair City on RTE1 next week.


TRUCE: Niamh
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 28, 2007
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