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Oh No! UFO!

Oh No! UFO!

Strange Encounters Series; Book One

Linda Joy Singleton

Llewellyn Publications

P.O.Box 64383, St. Paul, MN 55164-0383

ISBN 0738795799 $4.99 192 pp.

Meet the Strange family! Dad, popular cable show host, is a passionate paranormal debunker, bent on proving logic always wins. Mom, an environmental activist in search of a cause, is a woman of the earth, whose idea of a hearty meal consists of cucumber-and-apricot-jelly sandwiches. Lucas, a ten-year-old actor-wannabe, lives on the edge of stardom. Amber, a cherubic, golden-haired first-grader, talks to the animals in Dr. Doolittle fashion. Then there's average, boring Cassie, two years from teendom, who prefers to live low-key with no special talents, and claims she's the only normal seed in the Strange household.

When Dad decides on a family vacation to the China Flat Campground, Cassie is elated. What's more normal than family togetherness? Normal, however, quickly turns strange as Cassie discovers her father is on another secret mission. After his hands-off, top-secret briefcase thuds to the ground, papers fly and an eerie photo catches her by surprise. There, glowing against a star-filled, velvet sky, is a banana-shaped sphere, caught in a glossy Kodak moment of all moments! Shock soon turns to fear when Cassie realizes Amber is the victim of an alien abduction. To win her sister's freedom, she must become a risk-taker. In so doing, can Cassie prove she has the zeal for real-life adventure?

Singleton, author of more than twenty-five books, including the Regeneration and The Seer series, spends her spare time researching mysterious legends and destinations for her books. Oh No! UFO!, a mystery written for ages 9-12, is loosely based on a true-life family excursion as a child. She brings the wide-eyed innocence of her youthful memories to life through a zany cast of colorful characters. The first-person narration provides the reader a front-row seat to the hilarity of the family dynamics and the jaw-dropping effect of the surprise factor built into each chain-reactive scene. Short chapters, clever titles, and an imaginative plot maxed to the limit with non-stop action, all work in unison to ensure a successful reading experience for younger readers. Singleton's style is refreshing, and her story, vivid and unmistakably believable--doodlezapps, zillofaxes, babbzonks, and all!
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Author:Floyd, Charisse
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Date:Mar 1, 2005
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