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Oh, the cheek of it - naturists in island takeover.

Byline: Julia McWatt

A GROUP of naturists chose the secluded island of Flat Holm to bare all in the sun at the weekend.

Up to 45 naturists of all ages made their way to the island, just off Penarth, on Saturday for a guided tour taking in wildlife and history, organised by naturists Andy and Phil Griffiths.

Andy, 52, who works as a volunteer for Flat Holm island, says she has been trying to organise the event for four years.

She said: "This is the first event here for naturists. I just thought they would love it.

"It's secluded so nobody could object. Some staff live on the island but I didn't think they would object to it."

The event at Flat Holm saw people from five years old to 70 take part. They had travelled from all over the United Kingdom to take part.

Andy and Phil became naturists 10 years ago while on holiday in Dorset.

She said: "I had always wanted to try it and one year we went on holiday and I said to Phil we should give it a go.

"I just took my clothes off and enjoyed the beach, and what a fabulous feeling that was!

"It was remarkably easy and we have not looked back. People smile and say hello and are a lot more friendly and sociable. We have made some great friends since.

"I would say that these days a lot more of us are coming out of the closet, in a way. I think events like this bring people together."

Many people often ask about concerns such as skin cancer but Andy says most naturists take pride in taking care of themselves.

"Some people have been concerned about skin cancer but I think a lot of naturists take a lot of care with their skin.

"The point is to get out and enjoy life as nature intended it to be. It's also about body confidence," she said.

Most people have reacted well as she is open about her lifestyle.

She said: " I think because we do not keep it a secret and talk openly about it, people are generally fine with it. It is just a part of my life. I do not titter behind my hand about it and I don't expect others to.

"Most people are just like, 'Ooh, I couldn't do that, you're braver than me! Nobody would want to see my naked body!' But it's one of those things that I do not think we have to hide; there's nothing shameful about it, it's just a perfectly normal thing to do."


ere is the nudes... one of the naturists gets snapping on his tour of the island Rear view... a group of naturists bared all when they headed to Flat Holm Island, off Penarth, at the weekend
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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Apr 26, 2010
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