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Oh, crumbs! SPECIALIST FREES 'CHUG' FROM GLASS CONTAINER Puppy Buddy rescued after getting stuck in the cookie jar.


A HUNGRY puppy had to be rescued by a firefighter when he got his head stuck while trying to snaffle crumbs from a biscuit jar.

Buddy, a pug and Chihuahua cross-breed - known as a chug - paid the price for his sneaky snacking when he couldn't get back out again.

His owner used a little washing-up liquid to try to ease the stricken mutt out but he wouldn't budge.

Instead, Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service were called, and they sent out a specialist to the house in Southampton. Anton Phillips, an animal rescue tactical adviser, said: "It was strange being able to see the animal's doleful expression through the glass.

"I pulled back the loose skin and positioned it so I could get one ear out then the other. There was a pop as I got its head free.

"I have dealt with a lot of animals over the years and I always say if they can get it in, I can get it out."


STUCK FAST Poor Buddy cannot get out

BETTER OUT THAN IN Anton with a bewildered but free Buddy

SPACED OUT Forlorn Buddy looks like he's heading into orbit

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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Sep 16, 2017
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