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Oh, boy!

Reap the benefits and, realize the risks when your BFF is a boy!

HE'S YOUR SOULMATE. You're bored, sad or lonely, so you give him a call. He paints an instant smile on you. Not your boyfriend. Your boy...friend.

GIVE A GUY A CHANCE. Just because he's a guy, it doesn't mean he lacks great friend potential. "Our friendship started because I had a crush on him, says Krissy, 13. "But, after hanging out, I realized he has more than hots going for him. We chatted between classes--now we're totally inseparable." Crushes are cool but often temporary. Friendships, on the other hand, can last eons. If you scratch off the surface of cute and flirty, you might find a very understanding and totally trustworthy friend underneath.

THE BEST PART. "It's great having a boy BFF," says Chris, 11, "because I learn how boys think and get the dirt on my crushes." That's cool, but friendship is more than getting the inside scoop. Kristin, 14, claims, "I don't like him--I love him! He's always there for me and ready to talk about everything from cramps to my new cheerleading moves." Many readers say their guy BFFs are easy to talk to and better at keeping secrets than gal pals. Plus, Laura, 12, says, "It's great hanging with my BFF because he loves to do stuff. My girlfriends sit around listening to CDs and talking. Rich and I always get out and do things."

THE WEIRD PART. Is there a downside? The biggest issue is jealousy. Trouble may start if a girl crushes on your BFF or, worse, your BFF gets a new girlfriend who doesn't like him having a girl for a friend. Says Meg, 13, "Ryan and I had been BFFs for years--until he started dating Shannon. He didn't have time for me anymore. I finally said something, and we make an effort to hang out once a week." Oh, and careful if you feel a crush coming on for your BFF. The friendship comes first. And if he 'fesses up to fuzzy feelings for you? Talk. True friends can clear any hurdle.


Teal and Erika met in a Michigan mall...after six months of e-mailing through our Girls'Life Cyber Pal Program. When Erika learned her mom was going to Michigan to visit a friend, they arranged a special meeting in Teal's hometown. The girls were shy at first but, before long, they were like old friends. "When it was time to go, I didn't want to leave," says Erika.

BFF DILEMMA OF THE MONTH Whenever my BFF comes over to my house she totally ignores me and hangs out with my older brother

I feel like my friend uses me to get to my brother. She thinks he's "cute."

When this happened to me, I made an effort to have a great time with my BFF. Instead of just hanging around, we wont to the mall and stuff. If we were busy, she wasn't as concerned with my brother.

Lisa, 13

Be honest, and explain how you feel. Good friends need to communicate. If she doesn't agree with you, kick him out of the house when she comes over. If he's not around, she can't pay attention to himl

Amanda, 13

I would talk with my mom first and see what she thinks. Most likely, I would also talk with my friend and tell her I feel left out. If she doesn't like what I'm saying, then she really isn't my friend.

Sarah. 12

I would confront my BFF and tell her how I feel. If it turned out she was using me, then she probably wasn't a friend in the first place.

Alanna, 13

It can be hard to tell when a friend is over to see you or your hottie brother. Talk to her; maybe she doesn't realize how you feel. For one-on-one time, go to her house. And, remember, she's allowed to think a guy is cute.

Laura, 16
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