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Officially Drunk.

In yet another example of congressional misbehavior, Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) Senator Eduardo Andrade stumbled onto a Televisa evening news program Dec. 1 to voice his opinion on "the ruined PRI."

An apparently drunk Andrade wandered into the TV studio unannounced and interrupted the normally staid Joaquin Lopez Doriga, who was leading a roundtable discussion on the nation's change of government.

"I smell liquor on your breath!" Lopez Doriga exclaimed, aghast.

Andrade gave his two cents on the election loss that spelled an end to seven decades of his party's rule before being herded off stage.

His appearance wasn't the first time a drunk congressman has come under public scrutiny. In September, left-leaning Party of the Democtratic Revolution (PRD) Deputy Felix Salgado was arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct while riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle through a trendy Mexico City neighborhood.
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Title Annotation:Senator Eduardo Andrade
Author:Pruitt, Scarlet
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Date:Feb 1, 2001
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