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Officers Hagen and Roscoe.

While on patrol, Officers Gail Hagen and Dustin Roscoe of the Chicago, Illinois, Police Department drove by an apartment building and heard the sound of breaking glass. Upon investigation, they saw smoke and flames coming from the building's first floor area. When Officers Hagen and Roscoe approached the building, residents told them that a family was trapped on the second floor. Because intense smoke and fire prohibited Officers Hagen and Roscoe from entering through the front and rear of the house, the officers made verbal contact with the trapped victims--four children and their parents--calmed them, and urged them to move to a side window away from the blaze. Upon reaching the side window, the officers persuaded the father to drop the children down to the awaiting officers. After the children were safe, the parents leapt into the officers' arms. Although treated for minor injuries from smoke inhalation and the fall, the family survived the ordeal because of the bravery and decisive actions by Officers Ha gen and Roscoe.
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Title Annotation:police officers rescue family from burning building
Publication:The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin
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Date:Aug 1, 2000
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