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Officers' message.

The past couple of years have been more fun to be in PIMA. In years past, when the industry was doing well, the association pretty well ran itself. It was hard to not do well. As a result, many of us did not pay much attention to becoming really efficient. It was working. What was to fix?



The '90s woke us up finally. As the industry was struggling. PIMA became more affected. Finally, as we have done in our own businesses, we reached a point where we had to do something if we were to Survive AND THRIVE.

The excitement has come from getting focused, setting a clear strategic direction, and watching as everyone pulls in the same direction. It wasn't fun when we were all trying to continue to do the same things we had always been doing and crossing our fingers, hoping the industry would come back around. That was trying to survive. NO FUN!

When we set about to change, the fun began. We were in control of our destiny. We even asked ourselves whether the association was needed. We concluded that leadership skills are needed now more than they ever have been in our industry. As top managers in our own companies, who was better able to determine how to make training available to those who needed it?

We reminded ourselves that leadership is what is needed, and leadership skills training is what PIMA is about. With that determination, we focused ourselves on high impact, quality training provided in ways that are easy to attain and minimize employees' time away from their jobs.

The methods we are using are webcasting seminars, regional face-to-face training near the workplaces of our members and making the National Conference, held each June, more efficient and effective. Each of these methods can be checked out on our web site,

We put together an Education and Training committee from scratch made up of strong leaders. Education and Training is the central focus, and we surrounded the committee with strong support.

Hopefully, the economy will help us out this year as is expected, but PIMA is building membership because of the value the association is providing. It's always more fun to be in control of your destiny, no matter how hard the work is, than to be at the mercy of things outside your control.

Prepare Yourself to Thrive--SIGN UP, LOG ON, JOIN IN!

Harry Seamans

PIMA President

Diane Murdock

Affiliate Chair
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Title Annotation:PIMA Association News
Author:Murdock, Diane
Publication:Solutions - for People, Processes and Paper
Date:Mar 1, 2004
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