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Office systems.

Adobe Desktop Products

Adobe Desktop Products - Provides software licenses (new and upgrade) and maintenance for numerous Adobe desktop products, including Acrobat (Standard and Professional); Photoshop; InDesign; After Effects; Frame; Creative Suites; Illustrator; Flash Professional; Dreamweaver; ColdFusion and other Adobe desktop products.

Contractors: Dell Marketing L.P. (N00104-08-A-ZF33); (312) 705-1889

CDW Government, LLC (N00104-08-A-ZF34); (301) 340-3402

GovConnection, Inc. (N00104-08-A-ZF35); (800) 862-8758

Insight Public Sector, Inc. (N00104-08-A-ZF36); (703) 871-8556

Ordering Expires: 30 Jun 12

Web Links: Adobe Desktop Products Dell CDW-G GovConnection Insight

Adobe Server Products

Adobe Server Products - Provides software licenses (new and upgrade), maintenance, training and support for numerous Adobe server products including LiveCycle Forms; LiveCycle Reader Extensions; Acrobat Connect; Flex; ColdFusion Enterprise; Flash Media Server and other Adobe server products.

Contractor: Carahsoft Technology Corp. (N00104-09-A-ZF31); Small Business; (703) 871-8503

Ordering Expires: 14 Jan 14

Web Link:

Microsoft Products

Microsoft Products - Provides licenses and software assurance for desktop configurations, servers and other products. In addition, any Microsoft product available on the GSA schedule can be added to the BPA.

Contractors: CDW Government, LLC (N00104-02-A-ZE85); (888) 826-2394

Dell (N00104-02-A-ZE83); (800) 727-1100 ext. 7253702 or (512) 725-3702

GovConnection (N00104-10-A-ZF30); (301) 340-3412

GTSI (N00104-02-A-ZE79); (800) 999-GTSI ext. 2071

Hewlett-Packard (N00104-02-A-ZE80); (845) 337-6260

Insight Public Sector, Inc. (N00104-02-A-ZE82); (800) 862-8758

SHI (N00104-02-A-ZE86); (800) 527-6389 or (732) 564-8333

Softchoice (N00104-02-A-ZE81); (877) 333-7638

Softmart (N00104-02-A-ZE84); (800) 628-9091 ext. 6928

Ordering Expires: 31 Mar 13

Web Link:

Red Hat/Netscape/Firefox

Through negotiations with August Schell Enterprises, DISA has established a DoD-wide enterprise site license whereby DISA can provide ongoing support and maintenance for the Red Hat Security Solution server products that are at the core of the Department of Defense's Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). The Red Hat Security Solution includes the following products: Red Hat Certificate System and dependencies; Red Hat Directory Server; Enterprise Web Server (previously Netscape Enterprise Server); and Red Hat Fortitude Server (replacing Enterprise Server). August Schell also provides a download site that, in addition to the Red Hat products, also allows for downloading DISA-approved versions of the following browser products: Firefox Browser; Netscape Browser; Netscape Communicator; and Personal Security Manager. The Red Hat products and services provided through the download site are for exclusive use in the following licensed community: (1) All components of the U.S. Department of Defense and supported organizations that utilize the Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System, and (2) All non-DoD employees (e.g., contractors, volunteers, allies) on-site at the U.S. Department of Defense and those not on-site but using equipment furnished by the U.S. Department of Defense (GFE) in support of initiatives which are funded by the U.S. Department of Defense.

Licensed software products available through the August Schell contract are for the commercial versions of the Red Hat software, not the segmented versions of the previous Netscape products that are compliant with Global Information Grid (GIG) standards. The segmented versions of the software are required for development and operation of applications associated with the GIG, the Global Command and Control System (GCCS) or the Global Combat Support System (GCSS).

If your intent is to use a Red Hat product to support development or operation of an application associated with the GIG, GCCS or GCSS, you must contact one of the websites listed below to obtain the GIG segmented version of the software. You may not use the commercial version available from the August Schell Red Hat download site.

If you are not sure which version (commercial or segmented) to use, we strongly encourage you to refer to the websites listed below for additional information to help you to make this determination before you obtain the software from the August Schell Red Hat download site (or contact the project manager).

GCSS users: Global Combat Support System

Contractor: August Schell Enterprises (

Download Site:

Ordering Expires: Nov 12; All downloads provided at no cost.

Web Link:

Red Hat Linux

Red Hat Linux - Provides operating system software license subscriptions and services to include installation and consulting support, client-directed engineering and software customization. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the premier operating system for open source computing. It is sold by annual subscription, runs on seven system architectures and is certified by top enterprise software and hardware vendors.

Contractors: Carahsoft Technology Corporation (HC1028-09-A-2004)

DLT Solutions, Inc. (HC1028-09-A-2003)

Ordering Expires: Carahsoft: 09 Feb 14

DLT Solutions, Inc.: 17 Feb 14

Web Link:


SUN Support - Sun Support Total Enterprise Warranty (SSTEW) offers extended warranty, maintenance, education and professional services for all Sun Microsystems products. The maintenance covered in this contract includes flexible and comprehensive hardware and software support ranging from basic to mission critical services. Maintenance covered includes Sun Spectrum Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, hardware only and software only support programs.

Contractor: Dynamic Systems (DCA200-02-A-5011)

Ordering Expires: 30 June 11 (Please call for information about follow-on contract.)

Project Management: Jonnice Medley (301) 225-8081 (DSN 375) (

Web Link:

Research and Advisory BPA

Research and Advisory Services BPAs provide unlimited access to telephone inquiry support, access to research via websites and analyst support for the number of users registered. In addition, the services provide independent advice on tactical and strategic IT decisions. Advisory services provide expert advice on a broad range of technical topics and specifically focus on industry and market trends.

BPA listed below.

Gartner Group (N00104-07-A-ZF30); (703) 378-5697; Awarded Dec. 1, 2006

Ordering Expires: Effective for term of GSA contract

Authorized Users: All DoD components. For the purpose of this agreement, DoD components include: the Office of the Secretary of Defense; U.S. Military Departments; the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; Combatant Commands; the Department of Defense Office of Inspector General; Defense Agencies; DoD Field Activities; the U.S. Coast Guard; NATO; the Intelligence Community and Foreign Military Sales with a letter of authorization. This BPA is also open to DoD contractors authorized in accordance with the FAR Part 51.

Web Link:


Autodesk - Provides software licenses for more than two dozen AutoCAD and Autodesk products.

Contractor: DLT Solutions (N00104-12-A-ZF30)

Ordering Expires: 20 Nov 14

Web Link:
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