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Office staff out of tune on piracy.

ONLY a third of all office workers would report illegal software usage in the workplace despite voicing concerns over the practice, a new survey has found.

Latest research from the Federation Against Software Theft (FAST) has revealed that while 63% of UK office workers are concerned about the negative effects of software theft to the economy, only 34% would speak up about illegal use.

Researchers surveyed 200 office workers to gauge their attitudes towards software piracy and whistleblowing, revealing that of those that would not blow the whistle, 36% stated that they wouldn't report it in order to protect their jobs, 16% to protect their reputations, and a further 30% simply didn't care.

Fourteen percent cited concerns about negative media coverage about whistleblowers as a reason why they wouldn't blow the whistle.
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Title Annotation:Business
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Oct 29, 2013
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