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Offered and taken.

I took my father up in a dream Above the planet to look down upon his own reflection In my eyes And in those of my brothers, who came too And in the quiet faces of my sisters, who flew to meet us The years we spent not seeing it Our sameness How it moves below the dermis Owning all the hereditary maybes Pulling the many out into the open High and higher over us Beyond anything corporeal Whispers of new ones, of Allah, of the yet-to-be Growing right here in our hands And we are Isaac and Frances and Lurlene and Dawud and

Dominique and Ishaq and Jalil and Ayasha and Yasmin and Lisa and Ma Aloom Jama And yes, there are others Each one a lightyear, a living sun A star.

Dominique LaBaw was chosen as one of the best new poets of the 1990's by L.A. Weekly magazine. She lives in Los Angeles.
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Author:LaBaw, Dominique
Publication:The American Poetry Review
Date:Sep 1, 1993
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