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Off-the-shelf bar code software under fire.

Today, 80% of bar code label software is sold as off-the-shelf packages. But that's not what end users want going forward, according to the research firm VDC (

By 2007, the annual compound growth rate for customized software will be roughly double that of standard packages (see chart). That trend has already started, says VDC. In a survey, half of the end users said they required an average of 45% customization of bar code label printing software.

Reasons for customization range from a need for better integration with enterprise planning and warehouse software to keeping up with changing compliance standards and system performance.

Custom bar code
label software races ahead

Annual Compound growth through 2007, %

Bundled with hardware           7.7
Off-the-shelf                   8.9
Third-party custom developed   16
In-house custom developed      17.9
Overall                        10.8

Source: VDC

Note: Table made from bar graph.
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