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Off the shelf: Apollo's selection of recently published books on art, architecture and the history of collecting.

Carlo Scarpa

Robert McCarter

Phaidon Press, 75 [pounds sterling]

ISBN 9780714848006


Never professionally trained as an architect, Carlo Scarpa was an outsider during his lifetime and has never fully joined the mainstream since his death in 1978. This glossy monograph on the great Venetian modernist should help to redress that situation. It includes 'walk-throughs' of 15 Scarpa projects, all illustrated with a handsome selection of sketches, plans and photographs, and with the leading architectural historian Robert McCarter as an engaging guide.

Breakfast with Lucian: A Portrait of the Artist

Geordie Greig

Jonathan Cape, 25.99 [pounds sterling]

ISBN 9780224096850


Lucian Freud's colourful personal life --which so often intertwined with his choice of sitters--has long been the subject of speculation. In this frank memoir, the British journalist Geordie Greig recounts his regular meetings with Freud and, having interviewed many in his close circle, reconstructs the biographical yarns that Freud span during them., talk of his family and of his lovers; but also of how his unique style emerged and developed.

Spectacular Miracles: Transforming Images in Italy from the Renaissance to the Present

Jane Garnett and Gervase Rosser

Reaktion Books, 35 [pounds sterling]

ISBN 9781780231051


This interdisciplinary study brings together art history and anthropology to explore those paintings and statues which have been invested with miraculous properties by believers. Focusing on art and faith in Genoa and its surrounding region, the authors investigate how such objects have historically subverted their intended clerical or secular function--and in many cases, continue to de so.

European Furniture of the 19th Century

Christopher Payne

Antique Collectors' Club, 75 [pounds sterling]

ISBN 9781851496266


This volume, published to mark the 30th anniversary of a work that has long been a standard reference tool, is significantly revised and boasts more than 300 new colour photographs. French furniture dominated taste during the 19th century; but this book also scrutinises the period's more unlikely developments from across Europe, as well as stylistic influences on European furniture from beyond the continent.

Ham House: 400 Years of Collecting and Patronage

Christopher Rowell (ed.)

Yale University Press, 75 [pounds sterling]

ISBN 9780300185409


This major publication, prompted by the 400th anniversary of one of the most celebrated houses in Europe, contains a wealth of scholarship on both the architecture of Ham House and the provenance and historical presentation of its contents. National Trust curators are joined by a range of international experts to shed light on everything from metalwork to musical instruments, all illustrated with exceptional new photography.

The Flemish Primitives VI: The Bernard van Orley Group

Alexandre Galand

Brepols Publishers, 130 [euro]

ISBN 9782503545752


Bernard van Orley (before 1490-1541) played a key role in the translation of Italian Renaissance ideas into the art of the former Netherlands; but to date, research has focused on his tapestries and overlooked the paintings. This study, which concentrates on works in the Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium, re-examines the artist's biography and workshop practice, employing the latest technical analysis to forge a clearer vision of the artist.
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Article Type:Book review
Date:Sep 1, 2013
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