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ACTRESS Jennifer Garner is urging her fans to go and see her Daredevil spin-off movie Elektra because she spilt blood making it. The star says she went through the pain barrier to meet the physical challenge of reprising the role she first filled as Ben Affleck's co-star. 'The fight scenes for this movie were the toughest fights I've ever done,' she says with a wince. 'I fought five guys with a bo-stick, five ninjas.That was pretty intense. And I had a fight against two kitanas. I kept getting bonked and there was some bloodshed. That was pretty intense.'

When you come to think about it, that sounds uncannily like a hen night in Newcastle.

TOM CRUISE spent three hours chatting to fans at the London premiere of his new movie, Terminal,which is pretty close to the longest walkabout ever.The record is actually held by Geri Halliwell,who spent three hours fifty minutes talking to autograph hunters at the Brit Awards.

Eventually,one of them had the bright idea of pointing to the sky and shouting 'Ohmigod,what's that?' They were able to makea run for it when she was looking the other way.

HEARD about the Aberdonian, exiled in Glasgow, who took the kids to the Bellahouston dry ski slope. Puzzling over the ski boots presented to him, hewas heard to mutter: 'Fit fit fits fit fit?'

GEORGE BUSH was given some bad news last night:a fire has burned down the president's personal library in the White House.Tragically,both books were destroyed.Even worse,one hadn't even been coloured in yet.

SHIRLEY MACLAINE claims to have spent a previous life with her dog Terry in ancient Egypt. The actress, who's currently filming Otherwise Engaged with Jennifer Aniston, told German magazine Stern: 'Terry and I have spent at least one previous life together in ancient Egypt. She wasan animal godand I was a princess.'

There is actually anecdotal evidence to back this up. More than one director has been heard to say she's away with the Pharoahs.

THE Centre of Advanced Food Research in Copenhagen has come up with the theory that the Atkins Diet works because it is boring and suppresses the appetite.Coming next,the Darren Day Diet.

STUNG,no doubt, by the reputation Nordics have for drinking themselves silly, the University of Norway has comeup with a project to prove that it's all in the genes.

Their research has shown that blue-eyed people drink for courage in social situations. Brown or green-eyed people are less shy, so need less drink.

Red-eyed people, presumably, were too p*ssed to take the test.

REAL ale fan Madonna has had a beer named after her, Material Girl Ale. We hear a cheese firm have a proposition for Darius.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Sep 4, 2004
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