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Off the Leash: One time not to play by the Rules.

Byline: Muttley

HHARD to know quite what the NGRC was thinking when it refused to give its unreserved blessing to the withdrawal of two Pat Rosney-trained dogs at Milton Keynes on Tuesday. Rosney's partner, Julie McCombe, had just lost her father, Pat, and, not surprisingly, no-one in the kennel felt much like racing. But the Club preferred to stick to its usual `rules is rules' approach, thus in one fell stroke earning more bad will from everybody in greyhound racing than it could have with a thousand fines for knacker-meat positives. You can only despair.

Vinnie shooting from the lip

ISTAR owner Vinnie Jones was just one who came forward to lambast the Club when the Rosney news came to light. Muttley saw in a national rag last week that Vinnie revealed he had `threatened' new Sunderland manager Howard Wilkinson with a shotgun when they were both at Leeds. It was, fortunately, only a bit of a joke to make sure Wilko did not drop Vinnie from the team (he didn't). But over the Rosney incident, it seems Vinnie really is angry. Wonder if he's still got that gun?

HGREYHOUND racing arrives on Channel 4 every lunchtime from Monday - well, at least `our' colours do. One `special' horserace is to be shown live each day. Unusually, to improve simplicity and familiarity for new viewers, the same colours for the jockeys' caps have been designated to correspond with each saddlecloth number. And numbers one to six will be familiar to greyhound fans - red, blue, white, black, orange and black and white stripes. Greyhounds, as ever, lead the way.

IHARLOW's 10.15pm on Wednesday had to be voided due to trouble. Nothing too unusual there. However, for one of the runners, Jessicas Devil, it was a fourth void race in five outings. My mole says the bitch was in no way connected to the bother, but it is rumoured that her trainer could be the first in history to be warned-off by fellow handlers if the `De

HA FOND farewell was the order of the day at Wimbledon last night, when the track's owners' association remembered its deceased treasurer, Tony Brown. But Muttley thought one of the race titles was, erm, interesting. The opener was titled `The Get Down Mr Brown' stakes. One can only hope he was a great dancer.

HTHE Irish government certainly knows the score. It was noteworthy that Irish Minister John O'Donoghue last Thursday opened the world-famous Wexford opera festival, but treated with equal importance his engagement the following night to do the same for Youghal track's new facilities. Well done, sir.vil' continues to jinx affairs.

IFRANCES BATTLEY, mother to the NGRC's Joy and Sue Puzey, was delighted to win a raffle prize at last Saturday's Injured Jockeys' Fund night at the Stow. As she dashed to receive her prize and celebratory photo, however, Mrs B swerved the curvy Marilyn Monroe lookalike, shunned the waiting jockeys and instead made a beeline for "that Jonathan Hobbs off Sky TV" as her pictorial partner. Housewives favourite Des Lynam, you have been warned.


Vinnie Jones All fired-up
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Title Annotation:Sports
Publication:The Racing Post (London, England)
Date:Oct 26, 2002
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