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Off The Leash Muttley.

FASCINATING to read in Wednesday's Racing Post about a bid to reintroduce races of less than five furlongs in horseracing, which we were reliably informed have been banned for the past 97 years.

One of the main instigators of the plan was one David Hood.

Now Hoody's never one to miss a trick when it comes to promoting greyhound racing, so can we expect a late addition to the competition line-up at next month's UK Festival at Sunderland? A 72m dash from the starting traps to winning line perhaps? Surely the five seconds or so that would take would hold everyone's attention and make the in-running betting sporty to say the least.

READER Tim Hopkins wrote in offering to bet a farthing to a penny that there would not be a universal answer from anyone on the greyhound desk as to what the term 'baulked' actually means.

Muttley, of course, has the answer and can reveal that in the official Racing Post clich handbook, baulked represents losing two lengths, badly baulked three, bumped four, badly bumped five and very badly bumped six, with stumbled meaning more than that. Crowded is a mere one length. Now, what is a farthing and what's a penny? Did we get the value? WITH the revamped www. thedogs. co. uk wesbite still lagging behind, many still prefer to access results via the old site which can be reached by just keying in thedogs. co. uk, leaving off the www. Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that there is a full meeting's results missing from that site, although perhaps nothing too important happened at Wimbledon on May 30? FINAL word on the wrong result fiasco at Belle Vue on Tuesday.

Mistakes happen. They shouldn't but they do, and it is the manner in which they are handled that leads to how you are, er, judged.

Belle Vue scored a big fat zero in that regard and the enduring memory of the incident will be of the GRA's Bob Rowe and Mick Hardy being interrogated by Gary 'Paxman' Newbon. It was no contest, simply because there was no defence no matter how much the duo wriggled.

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Title Annotation:Sports
Publication:The Racing Post (London, England)
Date:Jun 13, 2009
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