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Of where do you remember me from?

IT'S TIME AGAIN TO SHOWCASE SOME SUSPECT SKETCHES. What's the secret to spotting art traced from the mag? First, know your shit--who's who, what dudes are likely to do what tricks, etc. Second, look for unusually accurate renderings of the human form. Translation: It's hard as all hell to draw people even remotely well. If it looks dead-on, it was probably traced. Remember, we're not calling bunk on this stuff, we love it. But good luck trying to stump us.

Great Moses! Give Manzoori an old-man mullet and weird beard and we've got ourselves a holy roller. Note the anti-Pharaoh nose job. Let my people go. Arye Lipman, Carmel, CA

Any coverage is good coverage. Underground workhorse, Zed, gets his 5-0 fakie sketched by Wyoming's Jerret Mater

In Haiti, putting skull faces on the image of another is serious business. It could get you killed. Nate Gorman of Las Vegas drops some voodoo on this Peter Hewitt blast-off

JT Aultz' backlip will be the last trick on this ledge due to the spot-busting graffiti thrown up by Mak McNair of Knoxville, Tennessee. Don't do that, Mak

Flicks of Mike Carroll are generally top drawer. So, you can't blame Eddie Hume of Laverne, CA, for grabbing this fat nellie heel. Eddie also gave Mike some new tats and a Consolidated shirt

Even among avid ledge monkeys the nollie backside noseblunt doesn't come easy. We knew Hsu did one a minute ago and figured this Simon Buckley strip had to be Jer-Bear

It's funny how shots like this Grind King ad create nary a stir but other little stuff we've done causes a shitstorm of cancelled subscriptions. Oregon's Andy Hahn engulfs an attractive skate-chick in a sea of hellfire. Issues?

The Barcelona stage drop is one of the stranger natural skatespots in the world. It's bigger than you think. Some dudes show up to bust and flake. "Nah, not today. I'm just gonna skate this ledge." Bastien's backside nollie heel is in the top three. Derek Fitzer, Conneaut, Ohio

Tracking down this headless backside flip was a war. Guess what? We won. Damon Oxendine of North Carolina dug deep, nearly a decade deep, to extract this 1994 one-frame sequence of some Brazilian cat named Chupeta

Eddie Hume sent us on a wild goose chase (briefly) due to the full-sleeve tats. We figured it was a Markovich pic. Turns out it was Muska and his bronto noseblunt slide

A one-frame sequence using 16 shots seems a bit excessive. So, Kyle Rings of Canada just grabbed a few from Duffy's feeble

His arm blocks his face but there's no mistaking "Smooth as Fuck" Smolik on this switch heelflip. That was a good Heads interview. Mak McNair

What do you think, can you support this one? The right arm is jacked but other than that we're convinced that Tony Padilla of Jolliet, Illinois, used Fabrizio for this double-set front board

At this point you should know a switch flip the moment you see one. Drew doesn't ride for Flip but we recognized the lanky limbs a mile away. Radek Antczak, Concord, CA

This one wasn't particularly difficult to figure out. We never said this was Scotland Yard. Guy Stinnett of Allen, Texas, recreates the SOTY 2001 cover except now Arto dwarfs the rail at three times the previous scale
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Title Annotation:suspect sketches
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Date:Apr 1, 2003
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