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Of where do you remember me from?

READER ART--it comes by land and sea, e-mail and Pony Express. It continuously lets us know that you're down for the cause. Some are Van Gogh, some are god-awful but we dig 'em all. Once again here at OWDYRMF? we scoped out the past year's best reader art that contained some highly familiar stokes. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery ...

The face was concealed but the style can't be hidden. Max Schaaf's frontside tailgrab gets a new coast of paint. Tomoko Kano, Fukuoka, Japan

Straight out of Northern California's Whine Country, Element retiree Billy Pepper has a frontside flip sketch made to order. Mike Cabanala, Eugene, OR

Adam Koch of Skokie, IL will tell you there's just something about the back foot on frontside rocks. Bailey's long shorts (or is it short pants?) gave him away

This noseslide by Wrath of (Ben) Krahn may look suspect, but check his March '04 Heads interview for the whole story. Dave Vierya, Limon, CO

Omar's always up in these. The dude's skating gets traced a lot and that's a compliment. This 5-0 fakie on mucho vert is go-time. J. Day, New Orleans

Backside flips with those late nosedrive reverts usually go down on embankments. Sure as Sherlock was Brian Sumner. David Valenzuela, Oceanside, CA

Scott Smiley's one-footed 5-0 looks like fun, you should try it. Don't worry, you'll have a heart attack before you get aced on the flat. Tyler Kline, Portland, OR

Apparently no one told Dave Ganh that defacing a Community Service form is a federal offense. He got 10 years hard labor for this Appleyard cover doodle

A fat frontside poke could have been anybody in the 1980s. Today, serious airtime is limited to ten vert dudes and ATVs like John Rattray. Dave Vierya

This one was brutal. It was like looking for Jimmy Hoffa. A lot's changed but Scott Kane's Vans remain the same. Ian McFadden, SF, CA

Leather jacket, Freddy Krueger stripes, Clockwork Orange top hat and, yes, tight pants: Corey Duffel's blunt was just too easy. Jodi Heuser, Boston, MA

Neil Heddings' kickflip pivot got kind of a jock make-over so we had our doubts. However, that right pant leg is no coincidence. Adam Koch

Wonder how long until Spanky starts trying to squash that nickname. Kevin Long's ceiling bonk led to some acrylic inspiration for Japan's Temoko Kano

The hesh impression of Bryan Widmer's art really sent us off course. The hair practically screams TNT but, alas, it was clean-cut, kid-next-door Johnny Layton
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Date:Apr 1, 2006
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