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Odell releases variety 12-pack with new ale.


This month Odell Brewing will celebrate the third release of its Montage Variety Pack series. Each Montage Variety Pack includes two year-round offerings, the current seasonal release, as well as a special Roots Release beer. This year's Winter-Spring Montage features 90 Shilling, IPA, Runoff Red IPA, and Wolf Picker.

Named in honor of hop growers and the harvesting equipment many use, Wolf Picker is an experimental American Style Pale Ale brewed with two experimental hop varieties.

"We love to partner with hop growers experimenting with their new and exciting varieties," said Brendan McGivney, head of production at Odell. "Wolf Picker features ADHA (American Dwarf Hop Assoc.) #881 and HBC (Hop Breeding Co.) #366, which give this beer an intensely complex hop character and aroma. "

Montage also features the seasonal Runoff Red IPA. Formerly known simply as Odell Red Ale. The Winter-Spring Montage 12-pack is available in the brewery's ten-state distribution region beginning January 13th.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jan 15, 2014
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