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Ode to awkward.

My school has cast parties after the last performance of each show. The bashes end to get a little flirty. Last time, we played Honey Do You Love Me? For my turn, I thought it would be my if I went up to y crush as part of the game, so I asked him the question and went to give him a hug. Instead, he leaned away and gave me a weird look. We were both bright red. Needless to say, we never went out.--Elli M.

My crush sometimes flirts by trying to untie girls' shoes. You know, dumb middle school stuff. I was sitting on a bench when he bent down to pull on my shoelace, and I sort of playfully kicked my feet a little. Well, I guess he got too close and I kicked too hard, because he ended up with a bloody nose. I felt so bad. He never tried that flirting technique again!--Savanna N.

I was crying and one of my close guy friends came over and hugged me. It was very brief (he was just trying to make me feel better), but someone took a picture and sent it to his girlfriend. Ugh.--Becca C.

I was walking back from PE and my crush popped out from behind a wall and I screamed bloody murder.--Katrina A.

Famous #FAILS

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One day I went to watch my best friend's volleyball game. At one point in the game, the ball was thrown out of the court and landed near me. Since I used to play soccer when I was younger, my "kicking" instincts got triggered by having a ball in my hands. I guess I was transported back to my childhood years because, instead of throwing it back, I kicked the volleyball toward the players, hitting one of them. Fortunately, she was not hurt.

That awkward (crush) moment when ...

You try to sneak a picture of your crush ... but the flash comes on.--Emma W.

You have to stage-kiss your crush in a play and you accidentally kind of kiss him for real.--Krissy P.

You walk by your crush's friends and parents at his game and they all whisper, "Is that her?"--Meg G.

You zone out at nothing during class for like five minutes then come back to earth and realize you were staring at your crush ... and he knew the whole time ... and he just smiles back at you.--baby10022

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