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Do octopuses have dreams? Tiny ones, probably. Mar 26, 2021 734
Putative Antimicrobial Peptides of the Posterior Salivary Glands from the Cephalopod Octopus vulgaris Revealed by Exploring a Composite Protein Database. Almeida, Daniela; Dominguez-Perez, Dany; Matos, Ana; Aguero-Chapin, Guillermin; Osorio, Hugo; Vascon Nov 1, 2020 12273
The Curious Case of the Cephalopod Parasites. Breedlove, Byron Aug 1, 2020 1055
Tropical Octopus Abdopus aculeatus Can Learn to Recognize Real and Virtual Symbolic Objects. Kawashima, Sumire; Takei, Kaishu; Yoshikawa, Saki; Yasumuro, Haruhiko; Ikeda, Yuzuru Report Feb 1, 2020 10034
OCTOPUS FARMING. Singer, Peter; Mather, Jennifer Mar 22, 2019 770
Short Communication - Genetic Structure of Octopus minor (Sasaki, 1920) (Cephalopoda: Octopoda) from Chinese Waters using Mitochondrial ATPase 6 Gene. Report Feb 28, 2019 2727
The Case Against Octopus Farming: For ethical and environmental reasons, raising octopuses in captivity for food is a bad idea. Jacquet, Jennifer; Franks, Becca; Godfrey-Smith, Peter; Sanchez-Suarez, Walter Jan 1, 2019 2252
Determination and Analysis of the Complete Mitochondrial DNA Sequence of Octopus dollfusi (Mollusca: Cephalopoda: Octopodidae) from China. Yan, Yunjun; Lu, Zhenming; Wang, Tianming; Chen, Yongjiu; Yang, Jingwen; Guo, Baoying; Jiang, Lihua; Report Apr 30, 2018 4988
FIRST RECORD OF OCTOPUS INSULARIS LEITE AND HAIMOVICI, 2008 IN THE OCTOPUS FISHERY OF A MARINE PROTECTED AREA IN THE GULF OF MEXICO. Flores-Valle, Alejandro; Pliego-Cardenas, Ricardo; Jimenez-Badillo, Maria De Lourdes; Arredondo-Figu Report Apr 1, 2018 4481
Show your science smarts. Sep 1, 2016 262
When octopuses dance beak to beak. Milius, Susan Sep 19, 2015 424
Copied genes help explain octopus intelligence: octopuses and mammals may come by their smarts in a similar way. Schwartz, Sarah Brief article Sep 19, 2015 199
Spatial analysis of the abundance and catch ability of the red octopus Octopus maya (Voss and Solis-Ramirez, 1966) on the continental shelf of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. Gamboa-Alvarez, Miguel Angel; Lopez-Rocha, Jorge Alberto; Poot-Lopez, Gaspar Roman Report Aug 1, 2015 7803
Aspects of the reproductive biology of the North Pacific giant octopus (Enteroctopus dofleini) in the Gulf of Alaska. Conrath, Christina L.; Conners, M. Elizabeth Report Oct 1, 2014 5017
'Octomom' sets egg-brooding record. Brookshire, Bethany Brief article Sep 6, 2014 195
Age validation in Octopus vulgaris beaks across the full ontogenetic range: beaks as recorders of life events in octopuses. Perales-Raya, Catalina; Almansa, Eduardo; Bartolome, Aurora; Felipe, Beatriz C.; Iglesias, Jose; San Report Aug 1, 2014 10127
Phylogenetic classification of octopus species from Antarctica. Author abstract Apr 1, 2014 230
Close genetic relationships between two American octopuses: Octopus hubbsorum berry, 1953, and Octopus mimus Gould, 1852. Pliego-Cardenas, Ricardo; Hochberg, Frederick G.; De Leon, Francisco Javier Garcia; Barriga-Sosa, Ir Report Apr 1, 2014 6584
Diet of Octopus bimaculatus verril, 1883 (cephalopoda: octopodidae) in Bahia de Los Angeles, Gulf of California. Villegas, Elisa Jeanneht Armendariz; Ceballos-Vazquez, Bertha Patricia; Markaida, Unai; Abitia-Carde Report Apr 1, 2014 8172
Differential catchability by zone, fleet, and size: the case of the red octopus (Octopus maya) and common octopus (Octopus vulgaris) fishery in Yucatan, Mexico. Velazquez-Abunader, Ivan; Salas, Silvia; Cabrera, Miguel A. Report Dec 1, 2013 8224
Phylogeographical features of octopus vulgaris and octopus insularis in the Southeastern Atlantic based on the analysis of mitochondrial markers. Sales, Joao Braullio De Luna; Do Rego, Pericles Sena; Hildorf, Alexandre Wagner S.; Moreira, Angela Report Aug 1, 2013 8692
Grilled Octopus with Parsley and Pork (Saves 8). Recipe Jun 22, 2013 528
Use of length-frequency analysis for growth estimation of the California two-spotted octopus Octopus bimaculatus Verril 1883 of the Gulf of California. Lopez-Rocha, Jorge Alberto; Arellano-Martinez, Marcial; Ceballos--Vazquez, Bertha Patricia; Velazque Report Dec 1, 2012 6699
Chitarra in cartoccio with octopus and tomato (Serves 8). Recipe Sep 22, 2012 779
Galician-style octopus a la plancha (server 4). Recipe Sep 22, 2012 415
Euro 2012: Animals Set to Predict Results, Can They Match Paul the Octopus? [VIDEO]. Jun 8, 2012 658
Octopus (serves 4). Recipe Mar 22, 2012 294
Octopus (serves 3 to 4) *. Recipe Mar 22, 2012 454
Octopus adjusts RNA to water temp: tweaks to genetic messenger offer efficient way to adapt. Ehrenberg, Rachel Brief article Feb 11, 2012 277
Octopus on ice? Brownie, Christen Brief article Nov 14, 2011 211
Eye lens structure of the octopus Enteroctopus megalocyathus: evidence of growth. Cardenas, Erick R. Baqueiro; Correa, Sonia Medrano; Guzman, Ramiro Contreras; Barahona, Nancy; Brice Report Aug 1, 2011 3167
Madman of the flames. Recipe Mar 22, 2011 2379
Evaluating the effects of formulated moist diets on juveniles of Patagonian octopus enteroctopus megalocyathus (Gould 1852). Farias, Ana; Pereda, Sandra V.; Uriarte, Iker; Dorner, Jessica; Cuzon, Gerard; Rosas, Carlos Report Dec 1, 2010 5132
Grilled Octopus with chorizo vinaigrette. Giacosa, Bruno Brief article Sep 22, 2010 279
Effects of alimentary regime on feeding, growth, and proximal composition of Octopus mimus Gould, 1852 (Cephalopoda: Octopodidae). Carrasco, Sergio A.; Guisado, Chita Report Aug 1, 2010 5517
In it to win it: "I want to self-promote, not by myself, but through my people.". White, Michael Jun 22, 2010 3714
The octopus & the coconut. Brief article Apr 19, 2010 129
Peekaboo. Bruno, Tara Brief article Mar 15, 2010 113
Science news. Mar 15, 2010 384
Evaluation of the capture efficiency and size selectivity of four pot types in the prospective fishery for North Pacific giant octopus (Enteroctopus dofleini). Barry, Patrick D.; Tamone, Sherry L.; Tallmon, David A. Report Jan 1, 2010 2960
Great escape. Brief article Sep 1, 2009 119
Be a quiz whiz. Brief article Sep 1, 2009 288
The octopur: a mysterious delicacy: the most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. Einstein, Albert Mar 22, 2009 2088
Yakitori glazed octopus tips (serves 4). Brief article Mar 22, 2009 181
Poached octopus with tomatoes, saffron rouille and mizuna pesto (serves 4). Recipe Mar 22, 2009 571
Crispy octopus with butternut squash and pomegranate seeds (serves 4). Recipe Mar 22, 2009 361
Roasted octopus and brioche with slow cooked egg and bearnaise foam (serves 4). Recipe Mar 22, 2009 459
Octopus and tempura shiso taco with wasabi tobiko (serves 4). Brief article Mar 22, 2009 226
Octopus bloody mary (serves 4). Recipe Mar 22, 2009 428
Crispy octopus with fried lemons and pimento emulsion (serves 4). Brief article Mar 22, 2009 261
Octopus croquettes with pickled vegetables and horseradish aioli (serves 4). Recipe Mar 22, 2009 471
Baby octopus with black rice and braised pork a la plancha (serves 4). Recipe Mar 22, 2009 422
Octopus and razor clams in a smoked-tomato broth (serves 4). Brief article Mar 22, 2009 196
Octopus terrine with shaved artichoke and celery vinaigrette (serves 4). Recipe Mar 22, 2009 365
Octopus and squid ink cookies (16 cookies). Brief article Mar 22, 2009 316
Chilled octopus soup (serves 4). Brief article Mar 22, 2009 183
Octopus pancakes with beer syrup and maple mayonnaise (serves 4). Brief article Mar 22, 2009 333
Behaving in the dark: locomotor, chromatic, postural, and bioluminescent behaviors of the deep-sea squid Octopoteuthis deletron Young 1972. Bush, Stephanie L.; Robison, Bruce H.; Caldwell, Roy L. Feb 1, 2009 10869
Gonad development during the early life of Octopus maya (Mollusca: Cephalopoda). Avila-Poveda, Omar Hernando; Colin-Flores, Rafael Francisco; Rosas, Carlos Feb 1, 2009 5519
Baby octopus with string bean puree and crystallized red onion. Recipe Mar 22, 2008 350
Effect of temperature, sexual maturity and sex on growth, food intake and gross growth efficiency in the "Pulpito" Octopus tehuelchus (d'Orbigny, 1834). Pedraza, Susana N. Dec 1, 2006 6078
Patterns of motor activity in the isolated nerve cord of the octopus arm. Gutfreund, Yoram; Matzner, Henry; Flash, Tamar; Hochner, Binyamin Dec 1, 2006 5153
The octopus: a model for a comparative analysis of the evolution of learning and memory mechanisms. Hochner, Binyamin; Shomrat, Tal; Fiorito, Graziano Jun 1, 2006 6890
The ultrastructure of the spermatozoon of Octopus tankahkeei. Jiao, Hai-Feng Dec 1, 2005 2757
If you were an octopus ... Bocco, Diana May 1, 2005 81
The mysterious mollusk. Brief Article Mar 1, 2005 326
Maori octopus (Octopus maorum) bycatch and southern rock lobster (Jasus edwardsii) mortality in the South Australian rock lobster fishery. Brock, Daniel J.; Ward, Timothy M. Jul 1, 2004 5506
Award-winning survival skills: how animals elude prey. (Life science: animal defenses/adaptations). Winerman, Lea Cover Story Nov 8, 2002 1787
Morphometric analysis of male reproductive features of Octopodids (mollusca: cephalopoda). Voight, Janet R. Apr 1, 2002 5536
Age determined from the daily deposition of concentric rings on common octopus (Octopus vulgaris) beaks. Hernandez-Lopez, Jose L.; Castro-Hernandez, Jose J.; Hernandez-Garcia, Vicente Oct 1, 2001 2714
It's a snake! No, a fish. An octopus? Milius, S. Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 484
THE OCTOPUS. Jun 1, 2001 329
Short Takes. Brief Article Sep 18, 2000 96
Excuse me, dear, which octopus are you? S.M. Brief Article Jul 22, 2000 177
EIGHT-ARMED AND AWESOME! Schleichert, Elizabeth Feb 1, 2000 1022
Egg Brooding by Deep-Sea Octopuses in the North Pacific Ocean. GREHAN, ANTHONY J.; VOIGHT, JANET R. Statistical Data Included Feb 1, 2000 5902
WELL-ARMED CREATURE. Brief Article Oct 1, 1999 191
Octopus suckers glow in the deep, dark sea. Milius, S. Brief Article Mar 13, 1999 494
Electrophysiology and innervation of the photosensitive epistellar body in the lesser octopus Eledone cirrhosa. Cobb, Christopher S.; Williamson, Roddy Aug 1, 1998 5362
Inside a squid. Brief Article Nov 3, 1997 422
Armed but not dangerous: is the octopus really the invertebrate intellect of the undersea world? Stewart, Doug Feb 1, 1997 1584
Cuttle what? Is it an Eel? Nope. An octopus? Closer. Want a hint? It can change colors faster than you can say..... Pacos, Chode; Bavendam, Fred Nov 1, 1996 705
Octopus: the mysterious mollusk. Jun 1, 1996 323
On the giant octopus (Octopus giganteus) and the Bermuda Blob: homage to A.E. Verrill. Pierce, Sidney K.; Smith, Gerald N., Jr.; Maugel, Timothy K.; Clark, Eugenie Apr 1, 1995 5105
In the lab, it's octopus see, octopus do. Stroh, Michael Apr 25, 1992 408
Global market increase for cephalopods outpacing gains for most other species. Jan 1, 1990 961

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