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Oct. 21--council.

* The purchase of a used 2012 John Deere 770GP grader was awarded to Nortrax Canada Inc., at the net after trade price of $126,900 plus taxes as outlined in a quotation dated Sept. 30, 2014. The purchase will be funded from the equipment reserve. The 2016 Capital Budget forecasted replacing the 2004 CAT 140H grader at an estimated cost of $275,000. The unit had recently been taken out of service due to transmission failure with an estimated repair cost of $38,000.

* Approval was granted for relief from By-law 45-12 (Roads Use) to permit the applicant's preferred entranceway with regard the sightline provisions for the Public Works Permit for application ZBA25/14/MD. The speed limit on Clement Road between Harley Road to Eleventh Concession Road was reduced from 80 to 60 km per hour.

* A request from Shelia Rodgers to pave Ranch Road was referred to 2015 budget deliberations.

* The Paris Community Pool Building Committee's volunteer brick layer was authorized to install the fundraising bricks at the Paris Community Pool.

* The donor of lighting fixtures to the Paris Community Pool Building was advised that if the lights were not received by Nov. 21, 2014, they will no longer be required for the Paris Community Pool Building. Should the lights not be received by Nov. 21, 2014, staff will submit a report to the Nov. 25 meeting of council outlining the costs associated with purchasing and installing lighting fixtures at the Paris Community Pool Building. Legal services staff will be directed to comment on any potential legal issues the county may incur should the donor miss the deadline.

* Approval was granted for application ZBA29/14/RA from Jonathan Able, on behalf of Jack and Shirley Robinson, owners of 465 McLean School Rd., South Dumfries township, to rezone the lands from Agricultural to Estate Residential Type 1 (ER1).

* Approval was granted for application ZBA33/14/BH from J.H Cohoon Engineering Limited, on behalf of Jeffrey Rice (Brandam Holdings Limited), owner of 452 Bishopsgate Rd., Brantford township, to rezone the lands from Agricultural Special Provision (A-l) to Agricultural (A), to permit one dwelling unit.

* Approval was granted for application ZBA34/14/BH from Gerard Van Stuyvenberg and Christine VanStuyvenberg, owners of 898 Drumbo Rd., South Dumfries township, to rezone the lands from Agricultural (A) to Agricultural with Special Provision (A-9)to prohibit a dwelling unit.

* Approval was granted for application ZBA32/14/MD from Snodgrass Consulting Services, on behalf of Marion Pottruff, owner 181 Bethel Rd., Brantford township, to rezone the lands from an Agricultural (A) to Agricultural with a Special Exception (A-9), to prohibit the construction of a dwelling unit.

* Approval was granted for application ZBA31/14/MD from Andy Schuler, on behalf of Grand River Farms Inc., owner of 744 Glen Morris Rd. W., South Dumfries township, to temporarily change the zoning on the subject lands from an Agricultural (A) to temporary Agricultural to permit a farm help house for a period of three years.

* A request from Roger Storp Farms Fimited to rescind an invoice issued for the use of a dry sprinkler powder aerosol (DSPA) unit, in the amount of $1213.32, was approved.

* Staff will negotiate with county taxi service providers regarding:

* any amendments to the taxi bylaw that would be required;

* a subsidized per kilometre rate for providing the subsidized transportation program; and

* payment terms to reimburse the taxi services the subsidy amount. The Subsidized Transportation Program extension contact with Driving Miss Daisy expires Jan. 31, 2015. The intent is to offer a program that is fiscally responsible, efficient for the users and continues to provide the basic needs that are currently part of the approved program guidelines.

* The following were nominated for 2014 Acces sibility Recognition Awards:

* The Arlington Flotel, Paris; The Paris Community Pool Project; The 2014 Paris Fair; Royal Bank, Scotland; Northville Pharmacy, Paris; Providence Free Reform Church, St. George

* A concept plan presented by the Brant Youth Volleyball Club that outlined the installation of six beach volleyball courts at Green Fane Sports Complex was approved. $8,000 will be included as a 2015 Capital Projects request towards Phase One for the installation of three beach volleyball courts at Green Fane Sports Complex be supported. The Brant Youth Volleyball Club will work with county staff to explore other funding opportunities.

* Christine Staley, Manager of Finance, Revenues was appointed Deputy Treasurer.

* By-law 18-14 authorizing the sale of county-owned land on Curtis Avenue to Zitia Developments Inc. was repealed.
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Title Annotation:Council briefs
Publication:Paris Chronicle (Paris, Canada)
Date:Oct 31, 2014
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