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Articles from Oceanus (December 22, 1993)

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Title Author Type Words
An abridged history of deep ocean drilling. Maxwell, Arthur E. 2139
Australia. Metcalfe, Ian 432
Borehole measurements beneath the seafloor. Worthington, Paul F. 1400
Canada. Malpas, John 528
Details that make the difference. Shackleton, Nick; Crowhurst, Simon 1614
Drilling for sea-level history on the New Jersey transect. Mountain, Gregory S.; Miller, Kenneth G. 1558
DSDP/ODP downhole measurements in Hole 504B. Pezard, Phillipe A. 1101
Early history of the oceans. Jenkyns, Hugh C. 1280
European Science Foundation. Munsch, G. Bernard 584
Exploring large subsea igneous provinces. Coffin, Millard F.; Eldholm, Olav 1366
Fluid composition in subduction zones. Kastner, Miriam; Martin, Jonathan B. 1588
France. Lancelot, Yves 930
From the greenhouse to the icehouse: a Southern Ocean perspective of Paleogene climate. Zachos, James C. 1635
From the superchron to the microchron: magnetic stratigraphy in deep sea sediments. Gallet, Yves; Valet, Jean-Pierre 1553
Germany. Beiersdorf, Helmut 614
Great Britain. Kidd, Robert B.; Briden, James C. 754
Japan. Nasu, Noriyuki; Kobayashi, Kazuo 650
Oceanic crust and mantle structure. Mevel, Catherine; Cannat, Mathilde 1645
Oceanic crust composition and structure. Meyer, Peter S.; Gillis, Kathryn M. 2104
ODP at sea: work aboard JOIDES Resolution. Cullen, Vicky 1631
Paleoceanography from a single hole to the ocean basins. Mayer, Larry A. 1911
Polar Day Nine. Farrington, John W. Book Review 373
Russia. Bogdanov, Nikita A. 891
Saving the Oceans. Ross, David A. Book Review 587
Scientific ocean drilling and continental margins: understanding the fundamental transition from continent to ocean. Austin, James A., Jr. 1100
Shallow carbonates drilled by DSDP and ODP. Droxler, Andre W. 1766
Spinoffs for oil exploration: ODP leg 122 off Northwest Australia. Exon, Neville F. 1672
Studying crustal fluid flow with ODP borehole observatories. Davis, Earl; Becker, Keir 1951
Technology developments in scientific ocean drilling. Harding, Barry W. 978
Terrigenous sediments in the pelagic realm. Rea, David K. 1883
The central mystery of the Quaternary Ice Age: a view from the South Pacific. Berger, Wolfgang; Bickert, Torsten; Jansen, Eystein; Wefer, Gerold; Yasuda, Memorie 1384
The challenge of high-latitude deep sea drilling. Thiede, Jorn 1344
The times, they are a-changing. Malfait, Bruce 916
The Woman Scientist. Silver, Mary Wilcox Book Review 502
Turbidite sedimentation. Normarck, William R.; Piper, David J.W. 1431
Two months before the derrick: life aboard JOIDES Resolution. O'Connell, Susan 2279
United States. Moberly, Ralph 853
When plates collide: convergent-margin geology. Taira, Asahiko 1181

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