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Performance of diploid and triploid Crassostrea gigas (Thunberg, 1793) grown in tropical versus temperate natural environmental conditions. Ibarra, Ana M.; Ascencio-Michel, Roberto; Ramirez, Jose L.; Manzano-Sarabia, Marlenne; Rodriguez-Jar Report Apr 1, 2017 14359
Call of the whale. Brief article Aug 20, 2016 202
As bay warms, harmful algae bloom: volunteer network provides crucial data. LaCapra, Veronique Jun 22, 2016 408
Surveying, hydrographic, oceanographic and hydrological instruments and appliances. May 31, 2016 224
Corals could soon reach heat limit: more warming may curb ability to adjust to temperature spikes. Schwartz, Sarah May 14, 2016 435
Highly-Anticipated California King Salmon Season To Kick Off May 1. May 2, 2016 368
Supply of low-blowing bodies (floats). Apr 18, 2016 316
Ancient oceans were surprisingly cold: but isolated hydrothermal activity might have nurtured life. Geiger, Beth Apr 2, 2016 674
Sea change: the wasting disease afflicting sea stars is but one of many indications that a warmer ocean is a sicker ocean. Wagner, Eric Mar 22, 2016 2006
Warming victims. Mar 22, 2016 398
Indian Ocean phytoplankton in danger: photosynthetic microbes are vanishing as sea surface warms. Sumner, Thomas Mar 5, 2016 398
Ocean heating doubles. Sumner, Thomas Brief article Feb 20, 2016 220
Supply of low-blowing bodies floats. Feb 18, 2016 305
Through the looking-glass of the ocean surface: measuring the ins and outs of the critical border between air and ocean. Bognadoff, Alec Jan 1, 2016 1648
Epiphany among the manta rays: can we mobilize a navy of scuba divers as citizen scientists? Akkaynak, Derya Jan 1, 2016 1485
Cause of global ice ages questioned. Aug 1, 2015 421
NASA Study Finds Indian and Pacific Oceans Temporarily Hide Global Warming. Jul 9, 2015 844
Navy UUVs assist in hurricane intensity prediction. Mensi, Bryan; Bryant, Danielle Jan 1, 2015 377
NASA Study Finds Earth's Ocean Abyss Has Not Warmed. Oct 6, 2014 981
Earth's Global Warming Exacerbated by Sun's Solar Activities. Jun 6, 2014 326
Under the weather with ciguatera fish poisoning: climate variables associated with increases in suspected cases. Barrett, Julia R. Report Jun 1, 2014 1073
Ciguatera fish poisoning and climate change: analysis of national poison center data in the United States, 2001-2011. Gingold, Daniel B.; Strickland, Matthew J.; Hess, Jeremy J. Report Jun 1, 2014 8209
Effects of fluctuations in sea-surface temperature on the occurrence of small cetaceans off Southern California. Henderson, E. Elizabeth; Forney, Karin A.; Barlow, Jay P.; Hildebrand, John A.; Douglas, Annie B.; C Report Apr 1, 2014 11700
Strong winds may have waylaid global warming: Gusts over the Pacific could have stashed heat underwater. Mole, Beth Mar 22, 2014 399
Warming hiatus tied to cool Pacific: air temperature plateau caused by natural variation in oceans. Wayman, Erin Oct 5, 2013 380
Delivery of low-foaming elements (floats). Jun 20, 2013 178
Cloud control could have tamed Sandy. Dec 1, 2012 473
Cool coral refuges in a warmer world. Madin, Kate Sep 22, 2012 807
Ocean temperatures could be rising over the last century. Apr 2, 2012 400
Indian Ocean set stage for humans: temperature shifts dried out East Africa 2 million years ago. Witze, Alexandra Mar 10, 2012 487
Warm oceans melting ice sheets faster. Aug 1, 2011 359
South-trending warm current changes life in Tassie waters. Macaulay, Craig Jun 1, 2011 528
Onset Announces Deep Ocean Temperature Data Logger. May 26, 2011 557
Temperature gauge: notes from a warming world. Mar 22, 2011 720
Response of red abalone reproduction to warm water, starvation, and disease stressors: implications of ocean warming. Rogers-Bennett, Laura; Dondanville, Richard F.; Moore, James D.; Vilchis, L. Ignacio Report Nov 1, 2010 10059
Another piece of climate puzzle solved by scientists. Jun 25, 2010 241
Ocean temperature patterns in tropics and subtropics will change rainfall patterns. Feb 27, 2010 417
Warmer seas may rob corals and rainforests of protective clouds. Feb 22, 2010 389
Reduction in airborne dust responsible for recent warming trend in Atlantic Ocean. Mar 27, 2009 393
Temperature rise may trigger West Antarctic thaw. Mar 20, 2009 364
Warmer water, more rain. Perkins, Sid Brief article Jan 17, 2009 119
Troubled waters: "ocean deserts" are expanding, disrupting habitats and suffocating marine life. Knoblauch, Jessica A. Sep 15, 2008 1025
Ocean--climate links revealed. Brief article Apr 1, 2008 177
Ocean deserts expanding. Scheer, Roddy Brief article Mar 10, 2008 213
Climate change and oceans: getting back to baselines. Dec 1, 2007 681
Preserving oceans may modify temperatures. Jun 1, 2006 506
Sea level rise offset by volcanoes. Brief article Jun 1, 2006 190
Is America facing another Dust Bowl? May 1, 2006 660
An ocean warmer than a hot tub. Lippsett, Lonny; Nevala, Amy E. Apr 1, 2006 498
The hunt for 18[degrees] water: oceanographers examine "mode waters" that save the signals of past winters. Carlowicz, Mike Apr 1, 2006 1125
Long-term population trends in American lobster (Homarus americanus) and their relation to temperature in Long Island Sound. Hayden, Jed Oct 1, 2005 5999
Warming up the seas. Woodard, Colin Jul 1, 2005 1236
Increase in dead zones. Taylor-Mills, Julie Brief Article Oct 1, 2004 120
Do warming oceans Portend an Ice Age? Aug 1, 2004 374
Deep Pacific waters warmed in recent years. Brief Article Mar 13, 2004 263
Coral faces extinction. Brief Article Jan 1, 2004 270
Ocean maybe melting ice shelf from below. Perkins, S. Nov 1, 2003 438
Effects on globel temperature of methane emmissions from sea floor methane hydrates. Jenkins, Jeff; Mills, Laney Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 285
Ocean Warming Studies Bolster Evidence of Human Hand in Climate Change. (Update). Runyan, Curtis Brief Article Jul 1, 2001 686
Big dam project in China may warm Japan. Perkins, S. Apr 21, 2001 442
Assessment of skipjack tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis) spawning activity in the eastern Pacific Ocean. Schaefer, Kurt M. Statistical Data Included Apr 1, 2001 4538
Major mood swing alters Pacific character. Monastersky, R. Brief Article Jan 29, 2000 457
A sound way to take the sea's temperature? Monastersky, Richard Brief Article Aug 29, 1998 591
As globe warms, hurricanes may speed up. Monastersky, Richard Brief Article Feb 14, 1998 464
Ground-truthing the paleoclimate record: sediment trap observations aid paleooceanographers. Curry, William B.; Ostermann, Dorinda R. Sep 22, 1997 1879
A century of North Atlantic data indicates interdecadal change: surface temperature, winds, & ice in the North Atlantic. Deser, Clara Sep 22, 1996 1400
The Bermuda station S - a long-running oceanographic show: deeper waters show warming trend. Joyce, Terrence M.; Talley, Lynne Sep 22, 1996 1374
Oceanography's new catch: roving blobs. Monastersky, Richard May 4, 1996 524
New findings on the western equatorial Pacific's warm pool. Anderson, Steven P.; Weller, Robert A. Mar 22, 1996 482
Of whales and ocean warming: a plan to sound out the sea's temperature may be back on course. Kaiser, Jocelyn Cover Story Jun 3, 1995 1741
Vanishing zooplankton. Kaiser, Jocelyn Mar 11, 1995 305
Temperatures on the rise in deep Atlantic. Monastersky, Richard Brief Article May 7, 1994 363
Listening in on oceanic warming. Brief Article Mar 13, 1993 449
Do clouds provide a greenhouse thermostat? Monastersky, Richard Brief Article Aug 1, 1992 470
Clouds keep ocean temperatures down. May 11, 1991 293
Dynamics of weather fueled by plankton. Monastersky, Richard Jan 12, 1991 363
Bleached reefs: is a warm-water cycle stripping corals of their lifeblood? Langreth, Robert N. Dec 8, 1990 1962
Clues to an ancient upside-down ocean. Monastersky, R. Jul 29, 1989 531
Recent ocean warming: are satellites right? Monastersky, R. Apr 22, 1989 506
Hot-and-cold Pacific fed Midwest drought. Knox, Charles Oct 15, 1988 383
Large warm spot in the Pacific. Oct 10, 1987 248
The causes of drought .... May 10, 1986 306
Animals at the hydrothermal vents. Aug 24, 1985 274

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