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DUKE AND DIVING; Sisters to show Wills seabed project. RICK FULTON Oct 5, 2020 380
Bangladesh elected President of 26th session of Int'l Seabed Authority. Oct 5, 2020 455
Fishermen's misery over latest cable on sea bed. KATIE DICKINSON Reporter Sep 28, 2020 500
Seabeds cleaned to mark Coast Day. Evie Andreou Sep 26, 2020 380
The oyster is our world:Why shellfish are going wild to save our seas as team explain project to oject br breathe fresh life into the ocean floor; Volunteers launch pioneering campaign to return one million molluscs to lochs where they once thrived and boost marine health. Laura Smith Sep 13, 2020 1139
Collapse of glacier could lead to a rise in sea levels. Sep 13, 2020 532
The oyster is our world:Why hy shellfish are going wild to save our seas as team explain project to oject br breathe fresh life into the ocean floor; Volunteers launch pioneering campaign to return one eturn million molluscs to lochs where they once thrived and boost marine health. Laura Smith Sep 13, 2020 1143
First floating wind farm project has the backing from Crown Estate. SION BARRY Business editor Aug 26, 2020 696
The joy of wrecks: Diver adventures hunting for looks back on his underwater the ocean's sunken treasures; Salvage expert logs a lifetime beneath the waves searching for a fortune in scrap abandoned on the world's seabed. Laura Smith Aug 16, 2020 1306
Robot boat gives glimpse of future by mapping Atlantic seabed 3,280ft below surface; A boat with no crew has given a glimpse of the future by travelling 260 miles out to sea and mapping a section of the seabed that experts had no data on -all via satellite control. By, Gareth Bicknell Aug 16, 2020 487
Bizarre sea waste: Toilets, cooking pots found in cleanup campaigns in Red Sea. Egypt Today staff Aug 13, 2020 217
'Anchor' tech for salmon farmers; ENERGY. KEITH FINDLAY Aug 12, 2020 226
Plastic waste in Mount Lavinia from Kelani River and canals. Jul 30, 2020 290
Genetic Diversity and Population Structure of Five Meretrix lamarckii Populations Along the Southeast China Sea. Jiantong Feng, Xueping Wen, Yahong Guo, Yingying Ye, Jiji Li and Baoying Guo Jul 22, 2020 5053
President Arif Alvi presented with book on 'blue economy' written by vice Admiral (R) Iftikhar Ahmed Rao. Jul 14, 2020 220
MEDIC ROLE 'A PRIVILEGE' INTERVIEW When Hilary Peace wanted a change from her nursing career, she never imagined her new patients would be found on the seabed. Ellie House found out more. Ellie House Jul 4, 2020 894
Egypt cleans up to 40 tons of waste from Red Sea floor. Egypt Today staff Jul 2, 2020 332
Prehistoric Zealandia, the Thrill of Discovery, and Healthcare's New Data Horizons. Jul 1, 2020 610
WILD PHILIPPINES: Having worked and lived in the Philippines on and off for more than 20 years, photographer Nigel Hicks has extensively studied the natural habitats and the unique wildlife of this poorly understood country. A fragile and pressured ecosystem, he explores the threats and opportunities facing the country's natural environment, introducing the subject using extracts and photography from his latest book, Wild Philippines. Hicks, Nigel Jul 1, 2020 2063
Emergence of whale shark reflects marine response to clean-up campaign: Environment Ministry. Daily News Egypt Jun 30, 2020 206
Bangladesh seeks ISA support. Jun 28, 2020 310
Scientists probe impact of sunken paddle steamer. ERYL CRUMP Jun 23, 2020 560
Scientists to study sunken steamer. Jun 23, 2020 340
Teen scuba diver creates sustainable bag to lift trash from seabed. Saman Haziq Jun 20, 2020 493
Vanessa carries Pakistan's flag to Earth's deepest point. Jun 15, 2020 357
Call to benefit from global funding opportunities to develop marine resources. Jun 10, 2020 805
Seabed-sucking blobfish is named scariest denizen of the deep. Jun 10, 2020 159
Mystery of microplastics; Science: Man-made waste in 19th-Century sediment. JOHN ROSS May 5, 2020 365
Silent seas stress free for Scottish dolphins. Krissy Storrar May 3, 2020 831
Silent seas stress free for Scottish dolphins; CORONAVIRUS CRISIS Reclaimed oceans are playground for pods. Krissy Storrar May 3, 2020 818
'Deep seabed mining could inflict considerable direct and indirect harm'. Unger, Sebastian; Christiansen, Sabine May 1, 2020 734
Dynamic Characteristics of an Offshore Wind Turbine with Tripod Suction Buckets via Full-Scale Testing. Seo, Yun-Ho; Ryu, Moo Sung; Oh, Ki-Yong Apr 30, 2020 9664
3D Modeling and Mechanism Analysis of Breaking Wave-Induced Seabed Scour around Monopile. Liu, Xinsjinn; Liu, Cheng; Zhu, Xiaowei; He, Yong; Wang, Qisong; Wu, Zhiyuan Mar 31, 2020 7886
Marine Organism Detection and Classification from Underwater Vision Based on the Deep CNN Method. Han, Fenglei; Yao, Jingzheng; Zhu, Haitao; Wang, Chunhui Mar 31, 2020 5741
Digging Deep in the Sea: "It is imperative to fully understand the environmental impact of mining resources from the deep ocean and compare it to the environmental impact of mining resources on land.". Gallagher, Mary Beth Interview Mar 1, 2020 1489
Lebanon pins hopes on first oil exploration. NAJIA HOUSSARI Feb 26, 2020 715
Divers cleaning up Bahrain's seabed. Feb 23, 2020 421
3D ocean farming the eco way forward. Feb 1, 2020 376
Indian Navy signs MoU for seabed data with GSI. ANI Jan 21, 2020 207
New push to clean Bahrain's seabed. Jan 19, 2020 1161
New assessment of gas locked in ice in European waters. Jan 16, 2020 442
Scientists find vast reserves of 'cleaner gas' across Europe. Jan 16, 2020 321
New assessment of gas locked in ice in European waters. Jan 15, 2020 442
KWS postpones Malindi seabed cleanup due to silt. Jan 10, 2020 269
Chip shop bomber battered and bruised after 70 years on seabed. Nov 15, 2019 506
Chip shop bomber battered and bruised after 70 years on seabed. Nov 15, 2019 499
Subsea Power Grid Systems Market 2019 Global Trend, Segmentation and Opportunities, Forecast 2025. Nov 12, 2019 697
Look after valuable seabed ecosystems; Letters to the editor Write to: Letters to the editor, The Press and Journal, 1 Marischal Square, Broad Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1BL. email: All letters are subject to editing and must include your full address and daytime telephone number for verification. Thank you. Letter to the editor Nov 7, 2019 244
WATCH: World War II US destroyer found on Philippine Sea floor. Nov 6, 2019 312
Unique work of art in Paphos is first snorkelling park in Cyprus. Bejay Browne Nov 6, 2019 273
Diver recovers rare salt water pearls from Bahrain's seabed. Nov 5, 2019 610
UK government supports safe maritime trade and sustainable development across Commonwealth states. Nov 5, 2019 445
Plastics poisoning sea life and affecting humans: UNEP. Nov 5, 2019 492
UDC organises seabed clean-up campaign to raise awareness of environment protection. Nov 3, 2019 157
UDC launches The Pearl-Qatar Seabed Cleanup 2019 campaign. Nov 1, 2019 346
UDC readies cleanup of seabed at Pearl-Qatar. Oct 28, 2019 471
Mitsui E&S Holdings Co., Ltd. - MESHD, MES-S and DHI jointly establish deep-water riser connection technology -- 11/10/2019. Oct 23, 2019 654
Clean-up drive nets 20 tonnes of waste from Bahrain's waters. Oct 6, 2019 593
Pan-Arctic Depth Distribution of Diapausing Calanus Copepods. Kvile, Kristina Oie; Ashjian, Carin; Ji, Rubao Oct 1, 2019 7895
'Blue Finance' Hopes To Put Oceans On A Sustainable Path. AFP News Sep 25, 2019 674
Rubbish found 3,000ft down in sea; ENVIRONMENT. Sep 23, 2019 201
Guiding offshore wind development with ocean science. Sep 22, 2019 202
Disabled divers help clean up Limassol seabed. Lizzy Ioannidou Sep 21, 2019 166
MPs seek database of Bahrain's marine species. Sep 8, 2019 646
Ban on sand extracting and dredging welcomed. Sep 1, 2019 652
Prediction Method for Overconsolidation Ratio of Marine Soft Soil Based on the Piezocone Penetration Tests. Fu, Yanbin; Zhang, Sizhan; Lv, Guiyang; Han, Kaihang Report Aug 31, 2019 6889
Mining for minerals in the oceans is a bad idea. Aug 27, 2019 628
Massive clean-up drive in Muharraq. Aug 25, 2019 760
Managing next gold rush like walking through mine field. Aug 24, 2019 1016
Researchers monitor CO2 leakage sites on ocean floor. Aug 21, 2019 344
She studies sea snakes by the sea floor. Aug 20, 2019 1160
VIDEO: Underwater clean-up drive starts in Hidd. Aug 17, 2019 589
Fears vessels could be left 'high and dry' Marine: Councillor calls for faster way to tackle excess sand problem. Aug 17, 2019 435
New drive to keep our seas clean... Aug 16, 2019 1210
Investigators won't raise Sala's plane from seabed. Aug 16, 2019 725
Analytical Solution of Tidal Loading Effect in a Submarine Leaky Confined Aquifer System. Song, Zongzhong; Li, Hailong; Ma, Qian; Zheng, Chunmiao; Jiao, Jiu Jimmy; Li, Shaohong Jul 31, 2019 7507
Saudi Arabia concludes International Seabed Authority meetings in Jamaica. Jul 31, 2019 201
Trials of new seabed survey equipment complete; TECHNOLOGY. Jul 31, 2019 394
Seabed scanning trials complete; TECHNOLOGY. Jul 31, 2019 111
Rubbish at bottom of ocean shows we are in deep trouble; Academics find plastic on seabed 320km off Irish coast. Jul 30, 2019 427
ION Geophysical, iSEISMIC announce plans to collaborate on seabed technology. Jul 30, 2019 106
JAMAICA-MARITIME-Jamaica developing legislation to deal with the exploration of the seabed. Jul 27, 2019 613
'Drone' vessels help map waters off the west coast; Exploration: Unmanned craft controlled from safety of shore to survey seabed. Jul 12, 2019 258
DIVING DEEP: Lockheed Martin is working with UK firms to support its deep-sea mining efforts. Martin, Lockheed Jul 1, 2019 548
Scots body's role in fish farming study; Science: Bid to better gauge sector's environmental impact. Jun 25, 2019 336
Ocean Mapping Wins XPRIZE! Jun 14, 2019 552
Volunteers clean up seabed around Khalifa bin Salman Port. Jun 12, 2019 113
Major drive launched to clean Bahrain's seabed. Jun 11, 2019 208
APM Terminals in major drive to clean Bahrain's seabed. Jun 11, 2019 208
Group targets marine environmental markets; LAUNCH. Jun 4, 2019 217
Earth recycles ocean floor into diamonds, researchers discovered. Jun 2, 2019 586
Project urged to restore seabed after years of neglect. May 20, 2019 525
'Vitally important' reef protected by fishing ban; ? Permanent order forbids exploitation of Loch Carron seabed. May 20, 2019 447
Qatar has full sovereign rights over its exclusive economic zones. May 17, 2019 265
New Tech, New Oil: Maximizing legacy fields and identifying new plays. Simonelli, Isaac Stone May 1, 2019 1960
Microplastic in oceans hit vital carbon dioxide levels. Apr 30, 2019 138
Five miles under the water, one of most remote places on planet, Scots diver Alan discovers a new species tethered to the sea bed ..never seen before by human eyes; EXCLUSIVE THE SCIENTIST WHO IS DEEPEST DIVING BRIT Expert tells of extraordinary find. Apr 18, 2019 820
4.5miles under the sea; Brit's record descent to ocean floor. Apr 18, 2019 189
4.5miles under the sea; British record descent to ocean floor. Apr 18, 2019 186
Lebanon's seabed yields its historic secrets. Apr 18, 2019 895
Vintage bomb found on seabed. Apr 12, 2019 185
UK-based explorers hit Indian Ocean; team hopes to discover species. Mar 7, 2019 287
UK-based explorers hit Indian Ocean; team hopes to find new species. Mar 7, 2019 292
UK-based explorers hit Indian Ocean; team hopes to discover species. Mar 7, 2019 287
UK-based explorers hit Indian Ocean; team hopes to discover species. Mar 7, 2019 287
UK-based explorers hit Indian Ocean; team hopes to discover species. Mar 7, 2019 288
UK-based explorers hit Indian Ocean. Mar 7, 2019 278
UK-based explorers hit Indian Ocean; team hopes to discover species. Mar 7, 2019 287
UK-based explorers hit Indian Ocean. Mar 7, 2019 293
UK-based explorers hit Indian Ocean; team hopes to find new species. Mar 7, 2019 287
How sea mapping could help find MH370, which has been missing for five years now. Mar 6, 2019 1084
Anchor found off Cornwall 'fresh clue from world's most valuable shipwreck'; An anchor was found on the seabed which could belong to the wreck of the Merchant Royal which was lost at sea in 1641 with gold and silver on board. Mar 3, 2019 493
Saving Saudi Arabia's stunning Red Sea habitats. Mar 2, 2019 834
'Tragically... one occupant is visible amid the wreckage'. Feb 5, 2019 953
Body visible in seabed footage of missing Sala plane wreckage. Feb 5, 2019 1150
LOST ACE'S PLANE FOUND ON SEABED; Channel wreck to be recovered. Feb 4, 2019 247
Emiliano Sala search team reveal surprise as 'most of the plane' discovered on seabed; The Cardiff City signing and pilot David Ibbotson were flying on the plane which disappeared over the Channel Islands. Feb 4, 2019 920
Emiliano Sala search leader reveals heartbreak of finding missing plane on seabed; Both Sala and pilot David Ibbotson's families have been notified that the plane has been found. Feb 3, 2019 347
Emiliano Sala missing plane underwater search to begin: What will happen this weekend; The search takes a significant step forward this weekend -- this is everything you need to know about what is planned. Feb 2, 2019 1631
Subsea experts in final of global contest. Dec 5, 2018 252
How Can I See What I Can't See? Tedey, Emily; Cameron, Bekcy Essay Dec 1, 2018 2997
Who Knows? Brain, Emily Brief article Dec 1, 2018 328
MENAGER: France supports research in marine science to 'make our planet great again'. Nov 28, 2018 982
Business intelligence Events. Nov 26, 2018 386
New Zealand's North and South Islands moving closer together. Nov 24, 2018 137
Death sub on sea bed. Nov 18, 2018 102
Upstream, downstream: Stories from the mighty Tyne; TONY HENDERSON on a series of events focusing on the Tyne all the way from the brook that emerges from Kielder to the sea bed off Tynemouth. Nov 16, 2018 790
Jawsome discovery; Rare shark nursery is found 200 miles off west of Ireland. Nov 9, 2018 400
Nairobi to host Sustainable Blue Economy Conference. Brief article Nov 1, 2018 170
Lion Air Fuselage Possibly Located In Seabed. Oct 31, 2018 544
Chinese research ship 'Kexue' spotted in Philippine waters anew. Oct 31, 2018 440
Indonesian navy finds possible seabed location of crashed Lion Air jet. Oct 31, 2018 958
MENAI RIG TO TEST FOR CABLE TUNNEL; Geologists drilling into Strait seabed. Oct 30, 2018 350
Taking on the challenge of mapping the Red Sea. Sep 26, 2018 2635
Journey to the Bottom of the Sea: SEARCHING FOR INGREDIENTS THAT MAY HAVE SPARKED LIFE ON EARTH. Charoenpong, Chawalit 'Net' Report Sep 22, 2018 2138
Propping up glaciers to avoid cataclysmic sea level rise. Sep 21, 2018 752
Climate Change Impact and Mitigation In Marine Biodiversity Conservation. Nivas, S. Naveen; Sundar, I. Sep 1, 2018 5966
Caspian seabed unresolved after 27 years. Aug 17, 2018 757
HULL & BACK; Bid to bring home 'Big Piece' of Titanic salvaged from seabed. Jul 31, 2018 647
From vine to seabed, Spain's winemakers dive in. Jul 5, 2018 815
Africa's Blue Economy: AN OVERLOOKED OPPORTUNITY? Jul 4, 2018 2190
Africa's Blue Economy: AN OVERLOOKED OPPORTONITY? Thomas, David Cover story Jul 1, 2018 2162
Draft Convention on Caspian Sea allows for laying of pipelines on seabed. Jun 22, 2018 386
SPAWAR Contracting...Boldly Delivering Information Warfighting Capabilities from Seabed to Space. Odom, David F.; Davenport, Branden W. Jun 22, 2018 720
Cloud under the sea: Microsoft previews the future of data centres. Jun 7, 2018 630
Is MH370 Search Still Ongoing? Jun 5, 2018 498
Legarda urges various gov't agencies to deal with rampant illegal poaching in high seas. Jun 4, 2018 827
MH370 families await report as search ends for missing plane. May 29, 2018 685
MH370 mystery: Hopes of discovery remain despite 'last search' ending; Malaysia said last week the search by Texas-based company Ocean Infinity would end on Tuesday. May 29, 2018 493
Mappers look to chart world's ocean floor by 2030. May 23, 2018 590
Mappers look to chart world's ocean floor by 2030. May 22, 2018 577
Municipality holds diving event to clean up Dubai Creek. May 9, 2018 119
MH370 Search Finds 19th Century Merchant Vessels In Seabed. May 4, 2018 568
Huawei begins survey for PEACE undersea cabling. May 4, 2018 269
Troubled waters; Irish TV cameraman warns we're polluting our oceans with plastic. Apr 21, 2018 496
UAE divers on a mission to clean the sea. Apr 18, 2018 692
Four years on, Flight MH370 remains an unsolved mystery. Mar 7, 2018 711
Hishammuddin hopes new search for MH370 will run smoothly. Mar 4, 2018 241
Four years on, a high-tech vessel gives Flight MH370 kin hope for closure (VIDEO). Mar 3, 2018 983
INTO THE BLUE: With the majority of the ocean still remaining undiscovered, a team of marine scientists is about to set forth on one of the most ambitious deep-sea research and education projects ever attempted. Field, James Mar 1, 2018 1895
First things first; 'I suspect it was easier to drag up the Mary Rose after it had been lodged in the seabed for 400 years than it is to retrieve something from behind a radiator.'. Feb 11, 2018 480
I suspect it was easier to drag up the Mary Rose after it had been lodged in the seabed for 400 years than it is to retrieve something from behind a radiator... Things fall to their radiator death, and saving them can be a tricky endeavour... Feb 11, 2018 488
Mystery surrounds MH370 search ship as it docks in an Australian port. Feb 8, 2018 310
Bring boys home from the sea bed; RECORD VIEW. Feb 3, 2018 180
for cold men as actor Javier Bardem I've been expecting you Mister er..penguin; BOND BADDIE ON GREENPEACE SUB MISSION It's no country for cold men as actor Javier Bardem meets Antarctic natives. Jan 31, 2018 317
High Five: 5 surprising things you can do underwater. Jan 30, 2018 336
Fishing nets washed away by seabed scan ship in Ras Al Khaimah. Jan 28, 2018 492
Kuwait chronicles relics buried at sea bed. Jan 26, 2018 266
Malaysia says will update kin of MH370 victims as search starts. Jan 23, 2018 289
Fresh MH370 search faces uphill task, say aviation experts. Jan 15, 2018 673
Ocean load is pushing the seabed downwards. Jan 14, 2018 527
Malaysia to pay US firm up to $70 million if it finds missing MH370. Jan 11, 2018 562
Malaysia inks 'no-find, no-fee' $70m deal with US firm to find MH370. Jan 10, 2018 284
Malaysia signs $50m deal with US firm to find missing MH370. Jan 10, 2018 441
Malaysia approves new search for missing airliner. Jan 8, 2018 260
US Navy locates crashed plane deep on Pacific seabed. Jan 7, 2018 344
US firm Ocean Infinity says hopeful of getting MH370 search contract soon. Jan 4, 2018 428
Seafloor pockmarks and gas seepages, northwestern Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick, Canada. Broster, Bruce E.; Legere, Christine L. Report Jan 1, 2018 6885
Numerical Investigation of Water Entry Problem of Pounders with Different Geometric Shapes and Drop Heights for Dynamic Compaction of the Seabed. Valdi, Mohammad Hossein Taghizadeh; Atrechian, Mohammad Reza; Shalkoohy, Ata Jafary; Chavoshi, Elham Jan 1, 2018 11907
The Application of a Complex Composite Fractal Interpolation Algorithm in the Seabed Terrain Simulation. Lv, Chongyang; Yu, Fei Jan 1, 2018 3560
A Method for Estimating Dominant Acoustic Backscatter Mechanism of Water-Seabed Interface via Relative Entropy Estimation. Zou, Bo; Zhai, Jingsheng; Xu, Jian; Li, Zhaoxing; Gao, Sunpei Jan 1, 2018 5963
Seabed Dynamic Response of Offshore Wind Turbine Foundation under Vertical Harmonic Loading: An Analytic Solution. Pavlou, Dimitrios G.; Li, Yuzhu Jan 1, 2018 4735
Vegetation establishment improves topsoil properties and enzyme activities in the dry Aral Sea Bed, Kazakhstan/Kazakistan'da kuruyan Aral Deniz Yataginda bitki ortusu gelisiminin ust toprak ozellikleri ve enzim aktivitelerini iyilestirmesi. An, Jiae; Kim, Seongjun; Chang, Hanna; Khamzina, Asia; Son, Yowhan Report Jan 1, 2018 4717
Dubai's diving enthusiasts to form largest volunteer team. Dec 24, 2017 572
MH370 Final Report To Release After Ocean Infinity Deal. Nov 22, 2017 411
We have the whole world at our feet..come and step into the uknown with us. Nov 4, 2017 1221
Search For Missing Flight MH370 To Resume. Oct 24, 2017 369
3 Companies Approach Malaysia Over Restarting Search For Plane MH 370. Oct 17, 2017 267
In depths of Atlantic, a quest for diamonds. Sep 29, 2017 868
Plastic pollution the focus of World Oceans Day. Sep 16, 2017 137
Hot spots in a frigid ocean. Sep 13, 2017 1007
SEA VIEWS: A project to map the ocean floor is raising concerns about prospective deep-sea mining operations. Sep 1, 2017 438
Climate Change Will Alter How Some Ocean Species Grow. Sep 1, 2017 555
Hyperdynamics announces casing installation for Fatala-1 Well Offshore Guinea. Aug 28, 2017 286
Seabed clean-up in Limassol. Aug 27, 2017 108
Families Want Malaysia To Accept Private Search Offer. Aug 11, 2017 553
New Hope For Families of Missing MH370 Passengers. Aug 4, 2017 327
Company Offers To Resume Search For Missing Flight MH370. Aug 2, 2017 469
The organisms living around energized submarine power cables, pipe, and natural sea floor in the inshore waters of Southern California. Love, Milton S.; Nishimoto, Mary M.; Clark, Scott; McCrea, Merit; Bull, Ann Scarborough Report Aug 1, 2017 10660
Seafloor erosion could worsen hazards from sea level rise. Aug 1, 2017 474
WATCH: Mysterious Deep-Sea Shark Captured On Camera. Jul 18, 2017 504
Sonar searches launched for missing Rescue 116 crewmen; Deep-sea trawler will scour seabed. Jul 18, 2017 386
Voyage to the sea floor: expedition returns with fascinating finds. Jun 17, 2017 951
Rare fossil found in world War I trench. Jun 1, 2017 476
Sunken wine bottles to be retrieved from seabed. May 4, 2017 306
Seafloor valleys accelerate Antarctic glacier erosion from below. May 1, 2017 482
The hunt for fresh water below the seafloor. Lubofsky, Evan Mar 22, 2017 1571
A Comparison of Fishes and Invertebrates Living in the Vicinity of Energized and Unenergized Submarine Power Cables and Natural Sea Floor off Southern California, USA. Love, Milton S.; Nishimoto, Mary M.; Snook, Linda; Schroeder, Donna M.; Bull, Ann Scarborough Report Jan 1, 2017 7651
Methane at the NW of Weddell Sea, Antarctica. del Valle, R.A.; Yermolin, E.; Chiarandini, J.; Granel, A. Sanchez; Lusky, J.C. Report Jan 1, 2017 4503
The mud volcanoes of Pakistan. Dec 31, 2016 707
Study shows Basslink Subsea Power Cable impact on seabed minimal. Dec 28, 2016 391
Study shows Basslink Subsea Power Cable impact on seabed minimal. Dec 28, 2016 391
Dubai Municipality collects two tonnes of waste from sea. Oct 30, 2016 352
Alarm over threat to seabed cables. Sep 29, 2016 480
Tampa Company Will Compete for XPRIZE. Aug 26, 2016 320
Rust in peace; Warships, liners and subs.. the sunken relics of sea wars. Aug 23, 2016 207
Seabed pic of ship sunk during War. Aug 19, 2016 138
Mining the ocean floor: Good idea? Aug 15, 2016 824
Research and analysis on the reverberation scattering characteristics for active sonar echo detection system. Wu, Xiaotan; Liu, Jiyuan; Zhang, Chunhua Aug 1, 2016 3931
Scientists up tally of deep-sea vents: hydrothermal fissures may be more common than thought. Sumner, Thomas Jul 23, 2016 568
Now Available: Hydrographic Survey Equipment Market - Global Forecast to 2021. Jul 8, 2016 489
What lies beneath. Siber, Kate Jun 22, 2016 1481
Crabs swarm on the seafloor: life turns up in curious places in the ocean. LaCapra, Veronique Jun 22, 2016 400
A new eye on deep-sea fisheries: a vehicle called HabCam offers seafloor photomosaics. Lippsett, Lonny Jun 22, 2016 382
The quest for the Moho: for more than a century, scientists have yearned to find out what's going on at the mysterious boundary between Earth's crust and mantle. Schanker, Gwendolyn; Lippsett, Lonny Jun 22, 2016 3565
Life dwells deep within Earth's crust: what's living there and how? Schanker, Gwendolyn Jun 22, 2016 1110
Seabed shelf extension - Allah gives us new wealth. Jun 15, 2016 627
'Lost city beneath ocean' made by fault in sea bed. Jun 4, 2016 139
'Lost city beneath ocean' made by fault in sea bed. Jun 4, 2016 145
Mapeo de la morfologia del suelo oceanico en la zona costera de la Franja de Gaza a traves de la tecnica de deteccion remota. Abualhin, Khaldoun Report Jun 1, 2016 3411
TRAGIC BOAT RAISED FROM the seabed; STRICKEN VESSEL PROBED FOR CLUES Inquiry bid to find answers to sinking that killed two. May 17, 2016 296
ION to launch ocean bottom seismic survey offshore Nigeria. May 5, 2016 190
UNDER THE (3D) SEA. Apr 26, 2016 167
Carbon emissions highest in 66 million years, since dinosaur age. Mar 21, 2016 461
Body of man retrieved from seabed off Cape Greco. Mar 13, 2016 139
Torpedo found on seabed; BRIEFLY. Mar 1, 2016 103
Japan studying disposal of highly radioactive waste under seabed. Jan 26, 2016 173
Parameters in Multiphase Flowing of Natural Gas NGH Slurry via Vertical Pipe. Maolin, Dai; Kaisong, Wu Jan 1, 2016 4256
New tidal energy device makes waves on seabed. Dec 15, 2015 625
CEO: Iran, India Set to Launch Seabed Gasline. Dec 8, 2015 272
Scraping the bottom? No, our seabed can stand it; The Welsh Government is currently considering whether or not scallop dredging should be permitted in Cardigan Bay. Many environmentalists say no, but here Bangor University experts tell why they believe the bay can sustain limited fishing... Dec 3, 2015 957
Arctic Ocean bathymetry: a necessary geospatial framework. Jakobsson, Martin; Mayer, Larry; Monahan, David Report Dec 1, 2015 4159
'Save seabed species, outlaw scallop-dredging vandalism' Plans to allow 'environmentally destructive' scallop dredging in Cardigan Bay 'beggars belief', says world-renowned author and journalist George Monbiot in a scathing attack against Welsh Government proposals. Sion Morgan reports... Nov 18, 2015 705
The Arctic: Klaus Dodds is Professor of Geopolitics at Royal Holloway, University of London and author of Geopolitics: A Very Short Introduction. Dodds, Klaus Oct 1, 2015 612
Funding boost for tidal energy generation plan. Sep 29, 2015 594
Hilton Abu Dhabi to clean up Abu Dhabi sea bed. Sep 27, 2015 397
Sparsely encrusted hardground in the Darriwilian calcareous sandstone of Cape Pakri, NW Estonia (Baltica)/Horedalt asustatud muistne tsementeerunud kihipind Pakri poolsaare Ordoviitsiumist. Vinn, Olev Report Sep 1, 2015 2272
Going deep: cautious steps toward seabed mining. Report Sep 1, 2015 4194
Scallop fishing study saves seabed's future. Aug 20, 2015 142
Hatfield center to mark 50 years of ocean science. Aug 6, 2015 1562
Russia submits fresh UN claim to Arctic seabed. Aug 5, 2015 158
SAExploration secures USD47m ocean-bottom marine project. Jul 28, 2015 144
Buoys off Oregon part of global effort to study oceans. Jul 11, 2015 893
BOOM! Scots ship detonates 1000lb bomb on Gulf seabed as Navy crew team up with US and French vessels in safety mission. Jul 2, 2015 198
Is the arctic carbon bomb about to go off? Berger, John J. Jul 1, 2015 1842
PN to purchase new ships to utilize resource of new seabed territory. Jun 26, 2015 174
New views of seafloor and coastline. Brief article Jun 1, 2015 208
Inuit rights to the Arctic. Watt, Senator Charlie May 1, 2015 1559
An introduction to Inuit rights and Arctic sovereignty. Campbell, Robin May 1, 2015 1593
Principle and geomorphological applicability of summit level and base level technique using Aster Gdem satellite-derived data and the original software Baz/Principio e aplicabilidade das tecnicas de seppomen e sekkokumen para analises geomorfologicas com base nos dados de satelites do Aster Gdem e o software original Baz. Motoki, Akihisa; Motoki, Kenji Freire; Sichel, Susanna Eleonora; da Silva, Samuel; Aires, Jose Ribei Apr 1, 2015 7451
Reducing variability in bottom contact and net width of a survey trawl by restraining door movement and applying a constant ratio of warp length to depth. Weinberg, Kenneth L.; Kotwicki, Stan Report Apr 1, 2015 7847
Seabed mining bid declined. Brief article Mar 22, 2015 146
Pakistan gets additional 50,000 sq-km in sea area. Mar 21, 2015 408
Japan's biggest World War II battleship 'found' on seabed of Sibuyan Sea in Philippines. Mar 4, 2015 674
The songhees and esquimalt First Nations helped bless a 250-metre-long panel of murals to mark the anticipated completion of the $138-million cleanup of 17 acres of contaminated land and seabed at Rock Bay. Mar 1, 2015 156
Chinese unit buys UK firm. Feb 16, 2015 287
Crashed AirAsia jet black box found, stuck on seabed. Jan 11, 2015 543
Four large parts of crashed AirAsia jet found on sea floor. Jan 3, 2015 830
Four large parts of crashed AirAsia jet found on sea floor. Jan 3, 2015 194
New seafloor map provides window to ocean's depths. Brief article Jan 1, 2015 301
AirAsia jet is discovered on seabed. Jan 1, 2015 126
CRASH JET UPSIDE DOWN ON SEABED; First casualties are found; Plane pushed 'beyond limit'. Jan 1, 2015 534
CRASH JET UPSIDE DOWN ON SEABED; First casualties are found Plane pushed 'beyond limit'. Jan 1, 2015 532
Development of the walking mover for underwater walking vehicle. Chernyshev, Vadim V.; Arykantsev, Vladimir V.; Kalinin, Yaroslav V.; Gavrilov, Andrey E.; Sharonov, Technical report Jan 1, 2015 3139
Indonesia believes it has found AirAsia plane on sea bed. Dec 31, 2014 786
Jet feared to be on seabed. Dec 30, 2014 194
Ennsub land PS2m order for seabed equipment. Dec 3, 2014 196
Oil from BP spill sits on seafloor. Mole, Beth Brief article Nov 29, 2014 170
Satellites expose mysteries of the deep ocean: new global seafloor map is most accurate ever created. Sumner, Thomas Nov 15, 2014 661
Disaster warning system to give Oman early alerts. Oct 28, 2014 515
Malaysian Flight MH370 Latest Update: New Search Images Reveal Unknown Seabed Details In The Indian Ocean [Watch Video]. Oct 1, 2014 493
New underwater discoveries in hunt for missing Malaysian MH370. Sep 26, 2014 432
Malaysian Airlines MH370 search pushes south on new view of aircraft movements. Sep 24, 2014 404
Dumping at Great Barrier Reef blocked. Sep 17, 2014 419
MH370 Update: Hard Objects Found In The Seabed While Mapping. Sep 5, 2014 372
Cold War Looms Between Canada and Russia Over Arctic Borders. Aug 13, 2014 312
Icebergs scouring Antarctic seabed communities. Brief article Aug 1, 2014 227
USGS tests to map seabed resources. Parry, Wayne Jul 26, 2014 480
Drug smugglers retrieve hashish from seabed. Jun 16, 2014 189
Artificial reefs at The Wave, Muscat attract new marine species. Jun 10, 2014 489
Chinese ship in latest glitch in MH370 search mission. May 31, 2014 455
BANK DEAL HELPS SURVEY FIRM GROW; PS4.8m boost for specialist seabed mapping group. May 21, 2014 353

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