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Ocean Forum: an Interpretative History of the International North Pacific Fisheries Commission.

"Ocean Forum" by Roy I. Jackson and William F. Royce, subtitled An Interpretative History of the International North Pacific Fisheries Commission," is published and available from Fishing News Books, Ltd., I Long Garden Walk, Farnham, Surrey, England. History, here, is not necessarily measured in great lengths of time-the INPFC itself is not yet 40 years old-but the treaty that established it was certainly an historic one, and the work of the commission is very ably documented and interpreted.

Initial chapters review the region's early and prewar (WWII) fisheries and attendant controversies and the events leading to and surrounding the negotiation of the "International Convention for the High Seas Fisheries of the North Pacific Ocean." Activities of the Commission are related for the following periods: 1954-58, 1959-65, 1966-77, and 1978-85, providing a look at the objectives of the various parties (Canadian, U.S., and Japanese), the concept of Abstention as conservation and as international law, salmon fisheries regulation, etc. Other chapters review and discuss INPFC research and statistical programs, appraise the INPFC contributions, and assess the future of North Pacific fisheries. Appendixes A and B include the 1953 and 1979 Conventions (plus the annexes, amendments, and memoranda of understanding) and list the INPFC Commissioners from 1954 to 1985, respectively. Appendix C provides brief biographies of some of the major participants; Appendix D lists the INPFC documentation-such publications as the annual report, Bulletins, and Statistical Yearbooks. Appendix E gives excerpts pertaining to fisheries from the Law of the Sea Convention as adopted on 30 April 1982. The 240-page hardbound volume includes a short index, and is invaluable reading for those interested in the history of a pioneering international fisheries commission that was born and grew during a period of great fisheries expansion, and its science, progress, problems, and politics. As Elmer E. Rasmussen notes in his Foreword to the book, "Three friendly nations, deeply divided during the Second World War, have achieved success in managing ocean fisheries where catastrophe might have been the rule." The authors have provided an important account of the efforts behind that. The volume is sold by FNB at 20.00 [pounds].
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Publication:Marine Fisheries Review
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Sep 22, 1988
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