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Occupy empty homes first; Letters

I READ with interest the letter by Theresa Kendall referring to house building in Keresley (Letters, Nov 7).

An alternative point of view maybe that the building of houses on a green field site is both unnecessary and also morally wrong. Before we build more houses greater effort should be made to occupy the many houses which are presently empty. Practically every road has houses for sale.

The term 'affordable housing' suggests something has gone wrong with the system and hides the lack of subsidised housing or council housing.

A few years ago the government decided subsidised housing / council housing was wrong. The 'short-termism' of recent and present day politics has come back to haunt us. There are already plenty of "quality" places for people to live, let's make them 'affordable'.

Building houses on green belt is not a temporary inconvenience. To me it seems pretty permanent. We must make Coventry an attractive place to work and live and not remove the (green) attractions. A housing estate is unlikely to be one.

Certainly some NIMBY protesters are short term-ists, however, many certainly are not. Many are concerned about the future, not just for themselves, but most importantly for future generations.

We need to look at another bigger picture, which will preserve what should be preserved for the future. This country has a lot of people and little space. Let's use what we already have and occupy the present empty houses. There is no need to build any more until the empty ones are full. A funding / subsidy system may need to be introduced which will make those houses 'affordable'.

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Nov 12, 2013
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