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Think Ahead to Age in Place: If you suffer from poor health, it's particularly important to think about what might help you stay in your own home as you get older. Report Jun 23, 2022 894
PRC releases results of June 2022 physical, occupational therapist licensure exams. Jun 7, 2022 162
'Al Maha Center to help patients on their healing journey'. May 16, 2022 355
Kelly Redeploys Capital to AcquirePediatric Therapeutic Services. May 4, 2022 157
Kelly Redeploys Capital to AcquirePediatric Therapeutic Services. May 4, 2022 179
Marshall Browning celebrates Occupational Therapy Month. Courtesy of Pam Logan, Marshall Browning Hospital Apr 19, 2022 186
Shoppers buys Lifemark Health. Apr 11, 2022 356
BY YOUR SIDE expands footprint while the success stories continue! Advertiser generated content Submitted by BY YOUR SIDE Mar 23, 2022 698
Practice Guidelines: Addressing Vestibular and Visual Problems in the Neurologically Impaired Adult. Mcguire, Mary J. Mar 22, 2022 9334
Clarifying Mixed Methodology in Occupational Therapy Research. Winston, Kristin A.; Dirette, Diane Powers Report Mar 22, 2022 1525
Functional Cognition: An Opportunity to Highlight the Role of Occupational Therapy in Post-Concussion Care. Postma, Rachel Taylor; Rider, John V.; Otty, Robyn Mar 22, 2022 3483
Is It Reasonable? Reasonable and Unreasonable Accommodations for Occupational Therapy Students in Clinical Settings. Ozelie, Rebecca; Bock, Jennifer; Gervais, Sarah; Schneider, Leah; Silhavy, Caitlyn Mar 22, 2022 7992
Neurodiversity-Affirming Practices are a Moral Imperative for Occupational Therapy. Dallman, Aaron R.; Williams, Kathryn L.; Villa, Lauren Mar 22, 2022 5984
Addressing Pelvic Floor Dysfunctions in Older Women. Scott, Amanda; Digwood, Kristen; Teslow, Rachel; Bloom, Allyson Mar 22, 2022 6147
Women's Self-Concept, Sexual Activity, and Intimacy After Sustaining a Traumatic Brain Injury. Skotzke, Erin Mar 22, 2022 3109
Use of Standardized Patient Encounters as Predictors of Fieldwork Performance: A Pilot Study. Frasier, Linda; Rider, John V.; Fecht, Ashley Report Mar 22, 2022 5404
Supporting the Paternal Role and Transition Home From the NICU: A Mixed Method Study. Salazar, Bryana L. Report Mar 22, 2022 9480
The Dynamic Use of the Kawa Model: A Scoping Review. Ober, Jayme L.; Newbury, Rebecca S.; Lape, Jennifer E. Mar 22, 2022 7643
Degrees conferred on 760 students at ZU convocation. Mar 16, 2022 358
Ziauddin University confers degrees on 760 students. Mar 16, 2022 448
COMMUNITYNEWS. Feb 10, 2022 3311
Trail-blazing project to support mental health. JEAN WARD Feb 2, 2022 509
Trail-blazing project to support mental health. JEAN WARD Feb 2, 2022 506
Coping with Arthritis in Your Hands: Treatment options range from simple self-help strategies to surgery. Feb 1, 2022 908
State of the Journal: Another Record Setting Year. Dirette, Diane Powers Jan 1, 2022 1301
Disability and Health in African Americans: Population Research and Implications for Occupational Therapy Community-Based Practice. Schulz, Emily; Ghosh, Debarchana; Clark, Eddie M.; Williams, Beverly R.; Williams, Randi Survey Jan 1, 2022 10337
Exploring the Feasibility of a Virtual, Home-Based MusicGlove[R] Protocol for Children with Hemiparetic Cerebral Palsy. Nguyen, Tiana; Choromanski, Lisa; Kreuzer, Tatiana; Stroppini, Jamie Jan 1, 2022 8130
EMPOWER: An Online Staff Training Focused on Person-Centered Supports for Direct Support Professionals. Castagnino, Amy; Blaskowitz, Meghan Jan 1, 2022 9104
Ecospirituality in Forensic Mental Health: A Preliminary Outcome Study. Heard, Clark Patrick; Scott, Jared; Yeo, Stephen Report Jan 1, 2022 8803
Sleep in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU): An Overlooked Opportunity for Occupational Therapists to Fill a Gap in Health Care Service. Bolin, McKenzie C.; Sweetman, Melissa M. Jan 1, 2022 2965
Considerations for Occupational Therapists in Developing Community-Level Interventions for Youth with High Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). Wilburn, Victoria G.; Huber, Megan E.; Senter, Denise; Stoll, Hannah B. Jan 1, 2022 4100
Occupational Therapy's Role in the Foster Care System. Smith, Melanie N. Jan 1, 2022 3888
Using Creative Making to Redesign Life After Stroke. Fortuna, Jennifer K. Jan 1, 2022 3233
My own therapy: Button artwork is a creative outlet and a source of joy for me. Vorndran, Jane Dec 22, 2021 377
Healing Hands for Alaska's Workforce: Physical and occupational therapy prepares workers for the field or office. Simonelli, Isaac Stone Dec 1, 2021 2032
Developing Clinical Competence: A Workbook for the OTA, 2nd Edition. Dec 1, 2021 207
UST students bag awards at Harvard Innovation Challenge Southeast Asia. Oct 29, 2021 810
HMC offers strategies to reduce screen time impact on children. Oct 4, 2021 592
Compassion: Importance and Implications for the Profession of Occupational Therapy. Dirette, Diane Powers Report Sep 22, 2021 3722
A Scoping Review of Occupational Therapy Approaches to Enable Occupations for People Living with Behavioral Disturbance as a Result of Acquired Brain Injury. Brown, Anahita; Dr, Tamara Tse; Fortune, Tracy; Petrie, Susan Sep 22, 2021 4980
Health Literacy in Occupational Therapy Research: A Scoping Review. Attard, Erin; Vaas, Kirsten; Musallam, Andraya; Chaney, Taylar; Fortuna, Jennifer K.; Williams, Bets Sep 22, 2021 8226
Determining the Initial Content Validity of the Clinical Competency Assessment Tool (CAT) for Occupational Therapists Treating Patients with Neurodegenerative Disease. Rushanan, Scott G.; Nilsen, Dawn M.; Grajo, Lenin Sep 22, 2021 6451
Occupational Therapy and Allied Health Interventions to Promote and Support Client Self-Advocacy: A Systematic Review of the Literature. Guzaldo, Theresa; Kim, Abraham; Lieberman, Kimberly; Thrasher, Erin; Van Puymbrouck, Laura H. Report Sep 22, 2021 6055
Development of the Dynamic Model of Occupation-Based Practice. Psillas, Sarah M.; Stav, Wendy B. Sep 22, 2021 7125
Promoting Social Participation for Adolescents with Burn Injury: A Guideline for Occupational Therapy Practice. Lange, Amanda M.; Grajo, Lenin Medical condition overview Sep 22, 2021 7046
Primary Care: A Service-Learning Environment for Occupational Therapy Students. Andreae, Brandi; Chang, Wen-Pin; Fisher, Thomas F.; Bakshi, Priya Sep 22, 2021 5830
Exploring simulation design for mental health practice preparation: a pilot study with learners and preceptors. MacKenzie, Diane E.; Kiepek, Niki; Picketts, Leanne; Zubriski, Stephanie; Landry, Karen; Harris, Jon Sep 22, 2021 7871
The Role of Occupational Therapy in Supporting the Needs of Older Adults who Identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and/or Transgender (LGBT). Simon, Phyllis; Grajo, Lenin; Dirette, Diane Powers Sep 22, 2021 5198
Interpretation of Illness and Covid-19. Campbell, Stephanie Sep 22, 2021 2317
ETEA entrance test for Allied Health Sciences on Oct 10. Sep 19, 2021 195
Occupational therapy; DM1ST FRIDAY 20.08.2021 DAILY MIRROR 35 Dr Miriam Stoppard MINUTES ON... Dr Miriam Stoppard Aug 20, 2021 181
Occupational therapy; DMUULS 34 DAILY MIRROR FRIDAY 20.08.2021 Dr Miriam Stoppard MINUTES ON... Dr Miriam Stoppard Aug 20, 2021 181
Generational Equity Advises Sports Med Denton in its Sale to Blue Sky Therapy. Jul 12, 2021 243
Generational Equity Advises Sports Med Denton in its Sale to Blue Sky Therapy. Jul 12, 2021 271
ALS Center In New Jersey. Jul 1, 2021 322
Bringing the Family to the Center of Early Intervention Practice in Occupational Therapy. Elenko, Beth K. Jun 22, 2021 1868
Use of a Caregiver Coaching Model for Implementation of Intensive Motor Training for Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy: A Case Study. Zylstra, Sheryl Eckberg; Sidhu, Aimee Case study Jun 22, 2021 5764
Ikebana: An Ancient Tradition of Contemporary Healing and Artful Practice. Fortuna, Jennifer K. Jun 22, 2021 2497
Occupational Therapists' Perceptions of Intraprofessional Collaboration When Working with Young Children Aged Birth to 3 Years. Mueller, Christine Rocchio; Garfinkel, Mindy Jun 22, 2021 6361
The Potential of Virtual Reality in Social Skills Training for Autism: Bridging the Gap Between Research and Adoption of Virtual Reality in Occupational Therapy Practice. Pandey, Vineeta; Vaughn, Lori Jun 22, 2021 7841
Metacognitive-Focused Occupational Therapy for Substance Abuse in Medical--Social Service Collaboration: a Case Report. Lam, K.C.K.; Fung, E.M.L.; Chan, H.F.; Louie, F.T.M.; Chan, F. Jun 1, 2021 1136
From the Editor. O'Sullivan, Grace Editorial Jun 1, 2021 350
Occupational Therapy New Zealand Whakaora Ngangahau Aotearoa Top Student Award - Otago Polytechnic. Teng, Melanie Jun 1, 2021 1129
A Professional Memoir. Christie, Elisabeth Ann Jun 1, 2021 1480
Knowledge about Occupational Therapy among People in Saudi Arabia. Meny, Areej Habib; Hayat, Aalia Akhtar; Ain, Qurrat Ul; Tariah, Hashem Salman Abu; Almarhoon, Ahmed Survey May 31, 2021 4897
H.I.G. Capital to Acquire CORA Physical Therapy to Expand Physical and Occupational Therapy Clinics. May 26, 2021 153
Ziauddin University holds 18th Convocation. Apr 3, 2021 393
Ziauddin University holds 18th Convocation for 582 graduates. Apr 2, 2021 973
582 degrees awarded at Ziauddin University convocation. Apr 2, 2021 420
582 graduates conferred degrees at Ziauddin University convocation. Apr 2, 2021 164
BYS expands footprint with success stories. Advertiser generated content Mar 31, 2021 681
How does your garden grow? Digging in the dirt can yield a bushel of benefits for people with MS. Uhland, Vicky Mar 22, 2021 1358
Functional Cognition in Critically III Children: Asserting the Role of Occupational Therapy. Dumas, Christina M.; Grajo, Lenin Mar 22, 2021 5019
Life Repurposed: Finding a New Calling Through Meaningful Occupation. Fortuna, Jennifer K. Mar 22, 2021 2103
Impacting Occupational Therapy Assistant Student Knowledge about Occupation and Occupation-Based Practice. Keener, Allen S.; Hayden, Cynthia L.; Howell, Dana M. Mar 22, 2021 7683
Occam's Razor Applied to Occupational Therapy Language. Dirette, Diane Powers Report Mar 22, 2021 1150
Occupational Therapy and Health Promotion for Families Experiencing Homelessness: A Community-Wide Approach. Kreider-Letterman, Hannah; Schmelzer, Laura Mar 22, 2021 3780
Postsecondary Education Students with Disabilities' Perceptions of Occupational Therapy-Led Coaching. Harrington, Erin E.; Santos, Gabriella O.; Potvin, Marie-Christine Mar 22, 2021 7089
Regenerative Rehabilitation and Genomics: Implications for Occupational Therapy. Rider, John V. Mar 22, 2021 3785
Clinical Utility of the Adapted Biopsychosocial Model: An Initial Validation Through Peer Review. Gentry, Keith K., Jr.; Snyder, Karen; Utley, Jennifer Jordan Mar 22, 2021 10365
Occupational Therapy and Therapeutic Horticulture for Women with Cancer and Chronic Pain: A Pilot Study. Mori, Yuko; Kugel, Julie; Krpalek, Dragana; Javaherian-Dysinger, Heather; Gharibvand, Lida Report Mar 22, 2021 7683
Understanding Therapists' Perceptions of Co-Occurring Substance Use Disorders Using the Model of Human Occupation Screening Tool. Estreet, Jaimie K.; Privott, Christine Mar 22, 2021 4972
DISTANCE EDUCATION IN OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY: Comparison of On-Campus and Hybrid Student Outcomes. Jensen, Lou; Lally, Katherine; Domina, Anna; Lampe, Angela; Qi, Yongyue Mar 22, 2021 2264
A Heart for People. Watson, Jamal Eric Mar 18, 2021 696
Metacognitive-Focused Occupational Therapy for Substance Abuse in Medical--Social Service Collaboration: a Case Report. Lam, K.C.K.; Fung, E.M.L.; Chan, H.F.; Louie, F.T.M.; Chan, F. Mar 1, 2021 1128
EDITORIAL. O'Sullivan, Grace Editorial Mar 1, 2021 649
Critical Appraisal of Practice Evidence: A Professional Imperative for Occupational Therapy. Greber, Craig Mar 1, 2021 3347
Occupational Therapy Interventions for Persistent Pain: A Systematic Review. Griffiths, Grace S.; Robinson, Rita; Tokolahi, Ema Mar 1, 2021 6282
Charter Health Care Acquires Physmed and Serene Care Hospice to Expand Post-Acute Care Provider Platform. Feb 17, 2021 151
Sidra Medicine establishes Movement Disorders Clinic. Jan 19, 2021 1096
Sidra Medicine establishes movement disorders clinic. Jan 18, 2021 583
Sidra Medicine establishes movement disorders clinic. Jan 18, 2021 566
State of the Journal: Clarifying OJOT Categories. Powers, Diane Report Jan 1, 2021 2085
Content Validity of the Occupational Therapy Anticipatory Awareness Test: A Functional Cognitive Assessment for Adults with Neurological Conditions. Mahoney, Danielle J.; Grajo, Lenin; Gillen, Glen Jan 1, 2021 6430
A Cost-Effective Analysis of 3D Printing Applications in Occupational Therapy Practice. Hunzeker, Megan; Ozelie, Rebecca Jan 1, 2021 5567
Bridging the Gap: Three Strategies to Optimize Professional Relationships with Generation Y and Z. DeIuliis, Elizabeth D.; Saylor, Emily Jan 1, 2021 6650
Effect of Occupational Therapy in Patients Receiving Hemodialysis: A Randomized Controlled Study. Inal, Ozgu; Kayihan, Hulya; Karahan, Sevilay; Ustundag, Sedat Clinical report Jan 1, 2021 5230
Analysis of Personal, Environmental, and Occupational Factors Affecting the Activity Performance of Disabled Drivers/Engelli Suruculerin Aktivite Performanslarini Etkileyen Kisisel, Cevresel ve Aktiviteye Ait Faktorlerinin Incelenmesi. Aran, Orkun Tahir; Kayihan, Hulya Report Jan 1, 2021 4085
Physical Rehabilitation Network Acquires South Dakota-Based Peloton Physical Therapy. Dec 14, 2020 240
Physical Rehabilitation Network Acquires South Dakota-Based Peloton Physical Therapy. Dec 14, 2020 268
New degree will help to equip employees. Dec 10, 2020 158
Activity Participation and Perceived Health Status in Patients with Severe Mental Illness: a Prospective Study. Ng, S.S.W.; Leung, T.K.S.; Ng, P.P.K.; Ng, R.K.H.; Wong, A.T.Y. Clinical report Dec 1, 2020 3693
New services available from Gesy from Tuesday. Nov 30, 2020 519
New services available from Gesy from Tuesday. Staff Reporter Nov 30, 2020 531
Physical Rehabilitation Network Acquires Morgan Hill Physical Therapy to Expand National Footprint to 135 Clinics. Nov 27, 2020 198
Physical Rehabilitation Network Acquires Morgan Hill Physical Therapy to Expand National Footprint to 135 Clinics. Nov 27, 2020 164
Marie Curie lifeline; Letters. Nov 4, 2020 151
'What I loved was that they helped people in real life' The job of an occupational therapist is to help people live their day-to-day lives, often after an accident or illness. To coincide with Occupational Therapy Week, Dai Davies, professional practice lead for the Royal College of Occupational Therapists in Wales, explains why he's found it such a rewarding career. Nov 2, 2020 591
Is the "Preferred" Color Temperature Transferable from Near-Vision to Ambient Home Lighting? An Exploratory Study with People Who Have Central Visual Field Loss. Vincent, Claude; Bourassa, Julie; Cimon, Nathalie; Verville, Paule; Dumont, Frederic Report Nov 1, 2020 5809
Family and children services at new clinic. Oct 29, 2020 181
Family and children services at new clinic. Oct 29, 2020 181
Examination of Work and Engagement, Activity and Occupation Terms in Occupational Therapy Literature: Turkey Sample /Ergoterapi Literaturunde Is ve Ugrasi, Aktivite ve Okupasyon Terimlerinin Kullanim Surecinin Incelenmesi: Turkiye Orneklemi. Huri, Meral; Kose, Barkin; Davutoglu, Ceren Report Oct 1, 2020 3865
Occupational Therapy in the Time of COVID-19. Dirette, Diane Powers Report Sep 22, 2020 2027
Concussion-Related Vision Disorder Practice Patterns in Occupational Therapy: A Survey. Reiser, Alicia; Bunin, Greta; Scheiman, Mitchell Survey Sep 22, 2020 10359
Occupational Therapy in Integrated Primary Care: Addressing the Needs of Individuals Experiencing Homelessness. Synovec, Caitlin E.; Merryman, MaryBeth; Brusca, Josh Sep 22, 2020 8594
Clients' Perspectives of Spirituality in Occupational Therapy: A Retrospective Study. Milliken, Barbara E. Sep 22, 2020 10532
Occupational Therapy Student Readiness for Transition to the Fieldwork Environment: A Pilot Case Study. Karp, Pamela Sep 22, 2020 7039
The Development of a Portfolio for Academic Promotion and Tenure for Occupational Therapy Educators. LeVan, David Sep 22, 2020 3729
Patient Activation and Engagement (PAE): Guidelines for Acute Care Occupational Therapy Practice. Moua, Koob Sep 22, 2020 6188
Toward a Defned Role for Occupational Therapy in Foster Care Transition Programming. Armstrong-Heimsoth, Amy; Hahn-Floyd, Molly; Williamson, Heather J.; Lockmiller, Catherine Sep 22, 2020 3924
Healing the Mind and Soul with Art and Music. Fortuna, Jennifer K. Sep 22, 2020 2852
Corrigendum to "A Systematic Review on Clinimetric Properties of Play Instruments for Occupational Therapy Practice". Romli, Muhammad Hibatullah; Wan Yunus, Farahiyah Correction notice Sep 22, 2020 266
Colibri Acquires HomeCEU to Strengthen Position in Healthcare Education. Sep 10, 2020 212
Effect of Adjunct Psychosocial Skills Training on Social Functioning of Schizophrenia Patients Who Get Occupational Therapy in a Community Mental Health Center: A Comparative Study. Karaman, Imran Gokcen Yilmaz; Kasal, Meltem Izci; Ingec, Cem; Yastibas, Cermet; Gulyuksel, Funda; Gu Report Sep 1, 2020 6362
EDITORIAL. O'sullivan, Grace Editorial Sep 1, 2020 788
Occupational Therapists' Role in Long-Term Weight Management Pre-Bariatric Surgery: A Review. Ghulmi, Lima; Hudgins, Ellen; Biggins, Kristin Sep 1, 2020 4370
Horse Riding: Its Influences on Sensory Processing and Relevance to Occupational Therapy. Roux, Casey Sep 1, 2020 5362
A Literature Review Pertaining to Vocational Rehabilitation for People Experiencing Adult-acquired Neurological Conditions. Harvey, Karen; Ockerse, Tammy; Fadyl, Joanna Sep 1, 2020 6744
Street-level Decision Making and Practising with De-colonial Intent: Practice is Political Action. Silcock, E. Mary Sep 1, 2020 7213
A Systematic Review on Clinimetric Properties of Play Instruments for Occupational Therapy Practice. Romli, Muhammad Hibatullah; Yunus, Farahiyah Wan Aug 31, 2020 14117
Occupational Therapy Research in Schools: A Mapping Review. Borba, Patricia L. de Oliveira; Pereira, Beatriz P.; de Souza, Joana R.B.; Lopes, Roseli E. Report Aug 31, 2020 6184
The Effects of a Recollection-Based Occupational Therapy Program of Alzheimer's Disease: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Kim, DeokJu Aug 31, 2020 5982
Niagara Falls Memorial to Offer Telehealth Services for Physical, Occupational and Nutrition Therapy. Aug 11, 2020 201
Effects of fragility fracture integrated rehabilitation management on mobility, activity of daily living and cognitive functioning in elderly with hip fracture. Anam Aftab, Waqar Ahmed Awan, Shaista Habibullah and Jae Young Lim Aug 8, 2020 3086
The Influence of Culture on Occupational Therapy Practice in Jordan. Malkawi, Somaya H.; Alqatarneh, Nisrin S.; Fehringer, Elaine K. Jul 31, 2020 7674
Initial Development of the Activity Card Sort-Advancing Inclusive Participation from a Homeless Population Perspective. Tyminski, Quinn P.; Drummond, Ronald R.; Heisey, Claire F.; Evans, Shelby K.; Hendrix, Audra; Jaeger Jul 31, 2020 5191
Southwest Florida Home Care Choses Claris Continuum for Remote Patient Monitoring Solution. Jul 10, 2020 283
Southwest Florida Home Care Choses Claris Continuum for Remote Patient Monitoring Solution. Jul 10, 2020 283
Southwest Florida Home Care Choses Claris Continuum for Remote Patient Monitoring Solution. Jul 10, 2020 267
Looking into the Content of the Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM): A Danish Cross-Sectional Study. Larsen, Anette Enemark; Wehberg, Sonja; Christensen, Jeanette Reffstrup Jun 30, 2020 8953
Covid-19 patients are happy when they're out of the woods but getting back on their feet takes a lot longer; Daily MORE AT DAILYRECORD.CO.UK RECORD Monday, June 29, 2020 DAILY RECORD Monday, June 29, 2020 MORE AT DAILYRECORD.CO.UK PAGE 11 MANAGING EXPECTATIONS IN TOUGH TIMES How occupational therapy helps speed up the road to recovery. VIVIENNE AITKEN Health Editor Jun 29, 2020 495
10 at-home occupational therapy activities that can make a difference. Ann, By; Hospital, Robert H. Lurie Children'S Jun 29, 2020 640
Cambridge opens 60-bed medical facility in Saudi Arabia. Jun 25, 2020 356
Capstones: Voices from the Occupational Therapy Profession. Whitney, Rondalyn V.; Mccormack, Guy Report Jun 22, 2020 3465
Designing Effective Capstone Experiences and Projects for Entry-Level Doctoral Students in Occupational Therapy: One Program's Approaches and Lessons Learned. Stephenson, Sara; Rogers, Oaklee; Ivy, Cynthia; Barron, Richard; Burke, Jennifer Jun 22, 2020 5944
Demonstrating Occupational Therapy's Distinct Value: Addressing the Quadruple Aim of Health Care Through Doctoral Capstone Projects. Provident, Ingrid; Lape, Jennifer E. Jun 22, 2020 4079
Experience of Stigma Post Incarceration: A Qualitative Study. Sinko, Rebecca; DeAngelis, Tina; Alpajora, Bernadette; Beker, Josephine; Kramer, Ilyse Jun 22, 2020 7934
Fieldwork Educators' Expectations of Level II Occupational Therapy Students' Professional and Technical Skills. Mason, Jessica; Hayden, Cynthia L.; Causey-Upton, Renee Jun 22, 2020 7160
Integrating Art into Life in Pursuit of Occupational Balance. Fortuna, Jennifer K. Jun 22, 2020 2016
Occupational Therapy Group Programming for Adolescents with Developmental and Learning Disabilities: A Retrospective Documentation Review. Merz, Ennifer A.; Nakasuji, Bonnie; Mollo, Kimberly S. Jun 22, 2020 9588
They Said: Perspectives on Capstone Experience and Projects in Occupational Therapy. Whitney, Rondalyn V.; Mccormack, Guy Report Jun 22, 2020 2931
The S.E.L.F. Approach: Systems and Experiential Learning Framework for Fieldwork and Capstone Education Development. Delbert, Theresa; Stepansky, Kasey; Lekas, Tina Jun 22, 2020 5417
Illinois Bone & Joint Institute Opens Physical and Occupational Therapy Clinic in Joliet. Bone, Illinois; Institute, Joint Jun 9, 2020 194
4 Tips for Families from Occupational Therapists During the Summer of COVID-19. Jun 1, 2020 774
Update on Therapeutic Strategies for Atypical Parkinsonian Syndromes/Atipik Parkinson Sendromlari icin Yeni Terapotik Stratejiler. Maghbooli, Mehdi; Mohammadzadeh, Vida; Yousefi, Mehran Jun 1, 2020 8125
Providing, Receiving and Using Equipment: A Hermeneutic Literature Review. Chester, Marie; Hocking, Clare; Smythe, Liz Jun 1, 2020 6809
Digital Age of Occupational Therapy Home Visits. Bishop, Amanda; Brott, Tamzin Jun 1, 2020 3646
Navigating the Tensions Between Bio-Medical and Social Approaches to Mental Health Practice. Mils, Darren; Reed, Kirk Jun 1, 2020 2423
Final Year Students' Knowledge on Basic Manual Wheelchair Provision: The State of Occupational Therapy Programs in Colombia. Toro-Hernandez, Maria L.; Alvarez, Liliana; Vargas-Chaparro, Maria C.; Goldberg, Mary May 31, 2020 5664
Occupational Risks in Occupational Therapy Service Learning: A Single-Site "Fear Factor" Study in South Africa. Naidoo, Deshini; Govender, Pragashnie; Naidoo, Stephanie Nicole; Ngubane, Naledi; Nkosi, Zamankosi; Report May 31, 2020 5582
Occupational Therapy Goal Achievement for People with Stroke: A Retrospective Study. Tariah, Hashem Abu; Aljehani, Amal Saud; Alenazi, Dana Yasser; Alturaif, Dona Abdularhman; Alsarhani Clinical report May 31, 2020 3881
The Development and Psychometric Properties of the Visuospatial Working Memory Assessment (VWMA) for Children. Wangkawan, Thitiya; Lai, Cynthia; Munkhetvit, Peeraya; Yung, Trevor; Chinchai, Supaporn Apr 30, 2020 7473
What is occupational therapy, and when will I need it? Advertiser generated content Submitted by Lutheran Home Apr 11, 2020 421
A comparison of patient, intervention, comparison, outcome (PICO) to a new, alternative clinical question framework for search skills, search results, and self-efficacy: a randomized controlled trial. Kloda, Lorie A.; Boruff, Jill T.; Cavalcante, Alexandre Soares Apr 1, 2020 6266
A Survey of Occupational Therapists on a New Tool for Sensory Processing. Mills, Caroline J.; Michail, Elisabeth; Bye, Rosalind A. Mar 31, 2020 7436
A Survey of Occupational Therapy Services Provided for Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Ohl, Alisha; Schelly, David; Brown, Dustin; Schulze, Nette; Smith, Maria; Davies, Beth Mar 22, 2020 6957
Development of the Occupational Performance Inventory of Sexuality and Intimacy (OPISI): Phase One. Walker, Beth Ann; Otte, Kasey; LeMond, Kelsey; Hess, Pamela; Kaizer, Kandyse Mar 22, 2020 9065
Approaches to Studying: A Cross-Sectional Comparison of Occupational Therapy Students in Six Education Programs in Norway. Gramstad, Astrid; Asli, Lene Angell; Johnson, Susanne G.; Magne, Trine A.; Carstensen, Tove Mar 22, 2020 5454
Examining Occupational Therapy Students' Responses to Integrative Seminars. Wu, Robyn; Shea, Chi-Kwan Mar 22, 2020 5630
Social Media as Occupation: Implications for Occupational Therapy Practice. Zylstra, Sheryl Eckberg; Erler, Kimberly; Nakamura, Wendell; Kennell, Brenda Mar 22, 2020 3581
Charting a New Course Through Meaningful Occupation. Fortuna, Jennifer K. Mar 22, 2020 2214
The Effects of Stress on First-Year Graduate Students in Health Professions. Thomas-Davis, Angela; Bullock, Anne Preston; Hooper, Heather; McCluney, Mary Kate Report Mar 22, 2020 3296
BY YOUR SIDE expanding its footprint. Advertiser generated content Submitted by BY YOUR SIDE Autism Therapy Services Mar 18, 2020 543
Efforts of dedicated team recognised with award. Mar 17, 2020 311
Leading From Every Direction. Pattison, Marilyn Mar 1, 2020 5107
When the River Runs Dry: Leadership, Decolonisation and Healing in Occupational Therapy. Gibson, Chontel Mar 1, 2020 8275
Shifting From Stress to S.A.N.I.T.Y. in Your Leadership. Pritchard, Elizabeth K.; Burns, Christine Report Mar 1, 2020 2118
Promoting the Use of Quality Assessments in a Paediatric Occupational Therapy Department: A Quality Improvement Initiative. Taylor, S.; Fowler, B.; Watters, S.; Van Asselt, D.; Edwards, S.; Pickering, Y.; Sidhu, R.; Elliott, Report Mar 1, 2020 5634
Cultural Potpourri / Andreas Therapeutics, Inc. opens in Davao. Feb 24, 2020 867
Effectiveness of occupational therapy in improving activities of daily living performance in complete cervical tetraplegic patients; A quasi experimental study. Aatik Arsh, Zunaira Anwar, Amir Zeb and Syed Muhammad Ilyas Feb 14, 2020 2585
Bridging occupational gaps with refugees and asylum seekers. Eleni Philippou Feb 11, 2020 310
Perspectives on Occupational Therapy Education: Past, Present, and Future. Book review Feb 1, 2020 240
Occupational Therapy for Adults with Intellectual Disability. Book review Feb 1, 2020 163
Autism centre to provide support for the duration of the lives of its users; service offers occupational therapy, mental health expertise and peer interaction for all ages. HANNAH GRAHAM Reporter @HannahGraham21 Jan 24, 2020 854
Madi McLain signs with Loyola of Chicago. Geary Deniston Contributing Writer Jan 15, 2020 808
Physical Therapy etc acquired by Phoenix Rehabilitation and Health Services. Jan 2, 2020 243
Physical Therapy etc acquired by Phoenix Rehabilitation and Health Services. Jan 2, 2020 239
The Entry Level Occupational Therapy Doctorate Capstone: A Framework for the Experience and Project. Brief article Jan 1, 2020 134
Developing Tailored Program Proposals for Occupational Therapy in Primary Care. Smith, Katie; Day, Mackenzie; Muir, Sherry; Dahl-Popolizio, Sue Jan 1, 2020 6109
Comparing Learning Platform Impact on Low Vision Education for Occupational Therapists. Perea, Jaimee D.; Sit, William Jan 1, 2020 5005
Mapping Occupational Therapy Practice with Postsecondary Students: A Scoping Review. Keptner, Karen M.; McCarthy, Karen Jan 1, 2020 8377
Master's and Doctoral Occupational Therapy Students' Perceptions of Research Integration in Their Programs. Sargent, Jeffrey; Wermers, Ashley; Russo, Lauren; Valdes, Kristin Jan 1, 2020 5265
Quilting and Sharing: Promoting Lifelong Learning and Service to Others. Fortuna, Jennifer Jan 1, 2020 2223
State of the Journal: 400,000 and Growing. Dirette, Diane Powers Jan 1, 2020 1218
Effect of Motorized Elephant-Assisted Therapy Program on Balance Control of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Nuntanee, Satiansukpong; Daranee, Sasat Dec 31, 2019 6495
Professional Reasoning in Occupational Therapy: A Scoping Review. Marquez-Alvarez, Luis-Javier; Calvo-Arenillas, Jose-Ignacio; Talavera-Valverde, Miguel-Angel; Moruno Report Dec 31, 2019 5630
Student Perceptions of Growth-Facilitating and Growth-Constraining Factors of Practice Placements: A Comparison between Japanese and United Kingdom Occupational Therapy Students. Miyamoto, Reiko; Green, Dido; Bontje, Peter; Suyama, Natsuka; Ohshima, Nobuo; Fever, Sally S.A.; But Dec 31, 2019 7479
HMC provided occupational therapy for 5,385 patients in 2018. Dec 10, 2019 482
Effect of virtual reality therapy on functional development in children with cerebral palsy: A single-blind, prospective, randomized-controlled study. Okmen, Burcu Metin; Aslan, Meryem Dogan; Yuzer, Guldal Funda Nakipoglu; Ozgirgin, Nese Clinical report Dec 1, 2019 4221
Occupational Therapy for Parkinsonian Patients: A Retrospective Study. Franciotta, Michele; Maestri, Roberto; Ortelli, Paola; Ferrazzoli, Davide; Mastalli, Federica; Frazz Nov 30, 2019 6168
Virtual Reality Would Make Attending Therapy Easier For Stroke Survivors. Nov 25, 2019 1227
Virtual Reality Would Make Attending Therapy Easier For Stroke Survivors. Nov 22, 2019 1231
Moroccan Doctor Said Nafai to Win AOTA International Service Award. Nov 18, 2019 458
Occupational Therapist collaborates with other professionals to fight the side effects of traveling. Nov 13, 2019 485
University and council team up. Nov 13, 2019 107
Patient therapy flat revamped. LISA O'BRIEN Nov 11, 2019 191
Inclusion of occupational therapy in health policies among other demands of AIOTA. ANI Nov 9, 2019 507
Team hits museum to raise awareness. Nov 8, 2019 203
MCC occupational therapy students honored for work. Submitted by McHenry County College Nov 3, 2019 242
All India Occupational Therapists' Association to embark on month-long awareness drive. ANI Oct 31, 2019 535
A HEALTHY REUNION; Real Life YOUR OWN STORIES Occupational therapists meet up after 30 years. DAVID PROCTOR Oct 2, 2019 577
Cardioflex Therapy Joins Ambetter and Sunshine Health. Oct 2, 2019 166
CardioFlex Accepts Worker's Compensation. Oct 2, 2019 371
Handbook of Occupational Therapy: For Adults with Physical Disabilities. Brief article Oct 1, 2019 101
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Generational Equity Advises Easy Speech Pathology in Sale to Carroll Capital. Sep 25, 2019 218
Generational Equity Advises Easy Speech Pathology in Sale to Carroll Capital. Sep 25, 2019 216
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SIU nursing program earns approval. Aug 14, 2019 728
Hypotonia Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of Approx. 5.8% By 2023 With Size, Share, Growth, Upcoming Trends, Top 10 Major Companies, By Types, Diagnosis and Treatment. Company rankings Aug 13, 2019 950
SIU nursing program earns approval Nursing. Aug 9, 2019 732
SIU nursing program earns IBHE approval. Aug 9, 2019 729
Callum in running. Jul 26, 2019 110
Sex attack victim will help others; Kathryn to study occupational therapy. Jul 19, 2019 414
La pratique de l'ergotherapie en milieu scolaire au Quebec. Jasmin, Emmanuelle; Ariel, Stephanie; Gauthier, Anne; Caron, Marie-Soleil; Pelletier, Laurie; Currer Report Jul 1, 2019 8536
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Motion PT Group Acquires Seven Physical/Occupational Therapy Practices in 17 Locations. Jun 12, 2019 247
Motion PT Group Acquires Seven Physical/Occupational Therapy Practices in 17 Locations. Jun 12, 2019 250
MyRehab takes physical therapy outside. Jun 1, 2019 479
Effects of a Game-Based Virtual Reality Video Capture Training Program Plus Occupational Therapy on Manual Dexterity in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Walino-Paniagua, Carmen Nelida; Gomez-Calero, Cristina; Jimenez-Trujillo, Maria Isabel; Aguirre-Teje May 31, 2019 5443
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WHEN DID PLAY BECOME OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY? Every kid is special, but not every kid has special needs. Skenazy, Lenore May 29, 2019 970
Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center admits 15 patients to new medical facility in Saudi Arabia. May 27, 2019 163
Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center admits 15 patients to new medical facility in Saudi Arabia. May 27, 2019 159
CMRC admits first patients to new Saudi clinic. May 21, 2019 449
CMRC admits first patients in new Saudi clinic. May 20, 2019 389
How occupational therapy can help people live with arthritis. May 8, 2019 317
Stricken and striking back. May 7, 2019 511
Sculpting Hand-in-Hand. Fletcher, Tina S.; King, Maria May 1, 2019 1556
The intervention of Occupational Therapy in drug addiction: a case study in the Comunidade Terapeutica Clinica do Outeiro--Portugal. Ribeiro, Jaime; Mira, Eva; Lourenco, Ines; Santos, Mariana; Brauna, Monica May 1, 2019 6542
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Occupational Therapy in Fatigue Management in Multiple Sclerosis: An Umbrella Review. Angela, Salome; Tullia, Sasso D'Elia; Giorgia, Franchini; Valter, Santilli; Teresa, Paolucci Apr 30, 2019 4544
60 SECONDS ON; Occupational therapy. Apr 19, 2019 174
60 SECONDS ON... Apr 19, 2019 176
Axiom Medical Releases "3 Ways to Avoid the Physical Therapy Trap" White Paper. Apr 17, 2019 306
Occupational therapy can help arthritis sufferers. Apr 10, 2019 321
The difference between occupational therapy and physical therapy -BYLN-. Apr 10, 2019 331
Blue Sprig Pediatrics Acquires Assets of Tangible Difference Learning Center. Apr 2, 2019 131
Blue Sprig Pediatrics Acquires Assets of Tangible Difference Learning Center. Apr 2, 2019 137
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NEW YORK. Mar 27, 2019 680
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