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Occupational safety.

By Mike V. Derderian Star staff writer C[pounds sterling]My uncle has a car body-repair garage, where he deals with heavy objects and welding torches. He only wears two sweaters over each other and a pair of army boots, which are not lined with steel or anything, and nothing else,C[yen] Khalil, a young man, told The Star. According to the Provisional Public Health Law No. 54, of 2002, and its amendments, the Ministry of labor (MoL) is required to coordinate with the other relevant agencies in monitoring the workersCO health and safety and the work environment.According to the director of the Occupational Health branch of the Vocational Training Corporation (VTC) at the Ministry of Health (MoH), Dr Azmi Abdel Khaleq, technicians and laborers undergo courses at the Occupational Safety & Health Institute (OSHI) before being employed, and become familiar with safety precautions especially at factories. C[pounds sterling]It is the individual industries that are hard to track down,C[yen] Khaleq told The Star. However, some workers tend to disregard the instructions regarding safety at work.C[pounds sterling]You canCOt wear gloves while tuning up a car. I might wear wool gloves during the winter,C[yen] Mustafa Darweesh, a tune-up garage mechanic, stated to The Star, C[pounds sterling]since our work doesnCOt involve dismantling a car engine there is no need for safety boots. If you ask me work injuries occur when mechanics hire young men to work with them.C[yen]Head of the Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH), Dr Amin Al-Wreidat, writes, in the introduction for the 2006 National Occupational Safety and Health Profile of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, C[pounds sterling]It is regretful that most of those accidents, injuries and losses can be prevented with more efforts and more spending on occupational safety and health which, although seen by some employers as a loss or as an unnecessary expenditure, is rather an investment which pays back many folds in the long run.C[yen] C[pounds sterling]When it comes to dealing with renowned and experienced industries hardly any problem exists,C[yen] commented Khaleq and added, C[pounds sterling]we conduct two inspectional rounds on a yearly basis as part of the missions of our DirectorateCOs two departments: Occupational Medicine and Industrial Hygiene.C[yen] The workforce in Jordan is estimated at roughly 1,273,000, which is about 23.8 percent of the total population, while, employees number almost 1,073,300 according to 2005 estimates, including the Armed Forces and Civil Defense.C[pounds sterling]Our main concern when it comes to inspecting laborers is diagnosis, prevention and treatment that revolve around occupational health and occupational diseases,C[yen] Khaleq explained, C[pounds sterling]inspection and early diagnosis allows us to act swiftly and help save the lives of workers.C[yen] Head of Labor Affairs and Inspection at the Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) at the Ministry of Labor (MoL), Jawaher Tora, told The Star that the MoL organizes the National Occupational Safety and Health Week during the month of July each year. C[pounds sterling]We organize campaigns, lectures and seminars in addition to workshops about occupational safety and health across the Kingdom.C[yen] Dr Issa Ababneh, an occupational medicine specialist and director general of al-Hayat Foundation for Occupational Health and Safety, admitted to The Star that there are only three private companies involved in the monitoring of occupational health and safety.C[pounds sterling]The situation is much better than in recent years and employers are little by little becoming aware of occupational safety and health; however, there are always employers who try to exploit their workers by cutting back on safety equipment,C[yen] Ababneh, who used to work for the MoH, stated. According to article (17) of the Standards and Specifications Law No. 22, of 2000, all enterprises, being industrial or commercial, are required to fully comply with the technical baselines approved for the protection of the environment and the occupational safety and health.C[pounds sterling]Unless a worker comes forward and complains about his or her work environment there isnCOt much one can do,C[yen] Ababneh concluded, C[pounds sterling]with salaries that donCOt exceed JD190 who would. As you know everyone is thinking of his livelihood, which is why personal safety and health comes second.C[yen] A*Occupational safety

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Publication:The Star (Amman, Jordan)
Date:Jul 10, 2008
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