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Obsolete connector replacements.

These functional equivalents are fabricated for most RF coaxial connectors and adapters that are obsolete, discontinued or no longer available. These replacements are available in all common interfaces including SMA, SMB, SMC, MCX and other miniature series, and larger interfaces such as BNC, TNC, N, C, SC, HN, LT and LC. Typical body materials include brass, stainless steel and aluminum, plated with gold, silver, nickel, anodize and olive drab. Contacts materials are brass, beryllium copper or phosphor bronze, with gold or silver plating.


Aviel Electronics, a division of RF Industries, Las Vegas, NV (702) 739-8155,

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Title Annotation:NEW WAVES: MTT-S Product Showcase
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Date:May 1, 2005
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