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Obsession with knives.

Twisted Hopkins was obsessed with knives.

He kept a collection of Rambo-style weapons on his bedroom wall and he once showed them off to victim Naomi.

His dad, Ted, had taught him to skin and gut rabbits.

But Hopkins had suggested that a mate should catch and hold down a sheep while he killed it. The friend refused.

Workmate, Kevin Green, said Hopkins concealed a lock knife in his jeans when he went to a football match.

He added that Hopkins also carried a knife when they went night-clubbing.

After the case, police put on display eight knives taken from Hopkins' home.

They included a four-inch, serrated hunting knife, a six-inch dagger and two Swiss Army knives.

Included was the black penknife thought to be the murder weapon.

Marks that snared a brute

Teeth marks on Naomi's body provided a vital clue linking the evil crime to Hopkins.

Forensic dental experts noticed the killer had an unusual dental outline with a tooth missing from the front of his mouth.

When Hopkins was arrested, dental impressions were taken and plaster casts made.

His lopsided teeth were a perfect match for the marks left on his victim's body.

Hopkins told police he had lost a front tooth when he was about seven- years-old after falling off a bike. The other teeth had closed the gap making his upper jaw lopsided.

This along with other chips and measurements left little doubt he had inflicted the bite on Naomi's breast after he had brutally murdered her.

Dr Andrew Walker, a forensic odontologist, said he had not seen a similar outline in his 24 years' experience.
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jan 31, 1997
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